Chapter – 5

Swethāranyeswar bowing down says, “O Great One! Your words are so beautiful and yet so difficult for me to comprehend. How is one to begin to understand and realize the path to Self-Surrender and Self-Enquiry that is already inherent? How is one to proceed when one is having so many doubts and lacking clarity on the innumerable forms of the Supreme Self? There is so much knowledge and understanding to be acquired and yet appears to be fleeting. There is so much ambiguity in the creation and manifestation of the self-luminous aksharas and their created differentials leading to various ways to follow the scriptures, to acquire knowledge, to seek and understand the Supreme Self and for peace to descend. I beseech You, please help me”.

Sri Shuka Paramarishi says, ” Rise child, Aksharam also known as Pranava or Absolute is infinite, indivisible, unknown, subtlest of the subtle and inherent in all creation. The universe and creation with all its differentials is as vast in its expanse as it is subtle in its nature. Each created being that is the self-luminous akshara has its foundation and existence as and in AUM. The various procedures, rituals, methods, sadhanas and anushtanas and practices have its foundation and existence as and in AUM. Every action, inaction, word, thought, speech and fruits of the actions and inactions have its foundation and existence as and in AUM.

As the origin of AUM is Aksharam, any practice to understand, realize, contemplate about and seek the Supreme Self leads to the Supreme Self itself. The foundation of practice, the process of practice and the fruits of practice to seek the Supreme Self leads to the Supreme Self only. Hence, the sole doer is the Supreme Self. The enjoyer is the Supreme Self. The witness is the Supreme Self and the beneficiary is the Supreme Self. Where does the ambiguity arise? The seeker who has been created by Aksharam is the Supreme Self, the process to seek the Supreme Self is the Supreme Self and the goal and object of the search is the Supreme Self.

The great Gopikas have shown that contemplation upon the Bhagawan Shree Krishna, remembering Bhagawan Shree Krishna’s leelas and seeing Bhagawan in everything and everywhere as the Supreme Self and Absolute leads to absorption and immersion into that Supreme Self. The goal of every practice undertaken by every created being will eventually lead him or it to see the Self as existing outside and within and all-pervading and to immersion and absorption into the Supreme Self.”

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