Chapter – 16

Sri Shuka Paramarshi continues saying, “Son, why has renunciation of the fruits of action and inaction, words, thoughts and speech or karma phala tyāgaḿ been given pride of place in a sadhana or anustana or practice? Why is it placed higher than knowledge or jnana and meditation or dhyana?

It is indeed difficult for a created being to even understand what renunciation entails as the sense of doership is overwhelming. The real question here who is the doer? Is it the ego or ahamkara? Is it the mind or manas? Is it the intellect or buddhi? Or is it the self-luminous akshara or alphabet? Or is it the Self?

Strangely enough, the answer is it is all of the above mentioned and yet none of the above mentioned. The Supreme Self permeates creation and thereby the self-luminous aksharas or alphabets and its ever-changing differentials of light, sound, matter, time, space, movement, ego, mind, intellect, five-fold attributes, five-fold elements and others and hence, all actions and inactions, words, thoughts, speech and the fruits of all actions and inactions. The question then arises, where does renunciation fit into this if the Supreme Self is the Sole Doer and the Sole Beneficiary?

Now, this is where the ambiguity of the Truth sets in. As the Supreme Self is the Primal Cause of all creation and thereby all created beings and everything that is in this creation and universe has its origin in Aksharam, it can be said that ego or ahamkara, mind or manas, intellect or buddhi, the self-luminous akshara or alphabet both in unmanifest or Avyakta state and manifest or Vyakta state and every other parameter and differential in this universe and creation is another name and form of the Supreme Self. But what is important to know, realize, perceive, understand and experience is the sense of doership or feeling of doership as the Supreme Self. That can neither be expressed nor described because the experience of the Supreme Self will lead to immersion and absorption into the Supreme Self.

Hence, the renunciation of the fruits of actions and inactions, words, thoughts and speech or karma phala tyāgaḿ is to be practised along with Self-Surrender, showing gratitude or Kritagyata and offering thanks to the Supreme Self and acceptance or Anumodhana to know, realize, perceive, understand and experience the Sole Doer with the help and guidance of the manifest or Vyakta state of the self-luminous akshara or alphabet known as the “body” and the unmanifest or Avyakta state of the self-luminous akshara or alphabet.”

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