An Introduction to “Arunāmbara – Adi Moola Ganapathi uvaacha”

Harihi Aum

Prostrations to Adi Moola Ganapathi, Ocean of Mercy and Kindness.

Salutations offered to Sri Shuka Paramarshi, the venerable Great Guru of the Rishis.

Obeisance paid to Bhagawan Shree Krishna, the Supreme Self, The Perfect Being.


“Arunāmbara – Adi Moola Ganapathi uvaacha” is an English translation of doctrines, teachings, instructions and discourses rendered by Adi Moola Ganapathi in the form of “Ganesha Gita“. The original text is in chaste Tamil and sincere attempt and care has been taken to translate it so as to reflect the original text in its entirety in meaning and subject.


Ganesha Gita” is a comprehensive authoritative Vedic rendition by Adi Moola Ganapathi on the Supreme Being, origin of Vedas, the genesis of the universe and creation differentials of time, space, five-fold elements, five-fold attributes, movement, ego, mind, intellect and the entire gamut of creation, the path to Self-Realization, the importance of Atma linga puja and the need to know the meaning of Aksharam. A number of subjects have been revisited as the book goes on because of the norm and methodology of instruction of Adi Moola Ganapathi.


As mentioned in many Scriptural authorities by RishisGurusSeers and Devathas, a seeker shall receive instructions at the appropriate time based on his or her or its merit. The meaning of merit as mentioned in the Scriptural authorities refers to the seeker’s knowledge, understanding, realization and experience of the Supreme Self from the moment of his or its creation as an atom to the present “physical state” as seen in this universe which is the Avyakta or Unmanifest and Vyakta or Manifest of an Akshara or letter whose origin is in Aksharam or Imperishable. The determining factor for merit has been categorically stated as Self-Surrender.


Hence, the most secret truths about the Supreme Self, the Truth about the Absolute, the Truth about the Ambiguous Truth and the path of transcendence of the Avyakta or Unmanifest has always been hidden by the knowers namely the Rishis, Gurus, Jeevanmuktas, Jnanis and the Supreme Self itself as is the Law of Dharma and revealed only at the time deemed appropriate and fit and only to a few.


This same thought has been reflected many times in the Bhagawad Gita as well where, Lord Krishna has declared that only one in a crore will know Him in entirety and hence, has emphasized the importance of merit, devotion, faith and most importantly, Self-Surrender to receive instructions and teachings about the Supreme Truth.

Harihi Aum

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