The classification of the three gunas – Chapter 14 – Slokas 14.01 – 14.05

The Blessed Lord said, “param bhuyah pravaksyami
jnananam jnanam uttamam
yaj jnatva munayah sarve
param siddhim ito gatah
– I shall speak again of the Supreme Knowledge, the best of all knowledges, by realizing which all the contemplatives namely the monks and seekers reached the Highest Perfection from here.


idam jnanam upasritya
mama sadharmyam agatah
sarge ‘pi nopajayante
pralaye na vyathanti ca
– Those who attain identity with Me by resorting to and following this Knowledge are not born during creation nor do they suffer pain during dissolution.


mama yonir mahad brahma
tasmin garbham dadhamy aham
sambhavah sarva-bhutanam
tato bhavati bharata
– My womb is the great sustainer. In that I place the seed. From that, O scion of the Bharata dynasty, occurs the birth of all things.


sarva-yonisu kaunteya
murtayah sambhavanti yah
tasam brahma mahad yonir
aham bija-pradah pita
– O son of Kunti, whatever forms are born from all wombs, of them the great sustainer is the womb and source and I am the father who deposits the seed.


sattvam rajas tama iti
gunah prakrti-sambhavah
nibadhnanti maha-baho
dehe dehinam avyayam
– O mighty-armed one, the qualities namely sattva, rajas and tamas, born of Nature, bind the Immutable embodied being to the body.


[Chapter 14, Slokas 14.01 – 14.05]

Author’s thoughts:

Lord Krishna reveals the Supreme Knowledge which is the best among all knowledges by realizing which one is neither born again nor do they suffer pain during dissolution. This is in continuation to what Lord had said in the final verses of the Thirteen Chapter where He stated categorically that a devout person who sees the Supreme Self existing equally within and outside and all-pervading and as existing equally in all the beings will not injure the Supreme Self by the Supreme Self and thereby attain the Supreme Goal. This devotee of the Lord who is steadfast on the Supreme Goal sees all actions as done by Nature with the Immutable Brahman  embodied in the body as the non-agent and a Witness and thereby he realizes with the jnāna-caksusā – eye of wisdom, that the origination of all beings is rooted in the One as is its sustenance and thus, the annihilation of the Matrix of all beings and thus, reaches the Supreme.

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