The classification of the three gunas – Chapter 14 – Slokas 14.11 – 14.15

The Blessed Lord said, “sarva-dvaresu dehe ‘smin
prakasa upajayate
jnanam yada tada vidyad
vivrddham sattvam ity uta
– When the illumination – prakāsa that is knowledge radiates in this body through all the doors of the senses, then one should know that sattva has increased greatly.


O best of the Bharata dynasty, when the quality of rajas becomes predominant, these indications come into being namely avarice, movement in general, undertaking of actions, unrest and hankering.


O descendant of the Kuru dynasty, when tamas predominates these indications surely come into being namely non-discrimination, inactivity, inadvertence and delusion.


yada sattve pravrddhe tu
pralayam yati deha-bhrt
tadottama-vidam lokan
amalan pratipadyate
– When an embodied one undergoes death while sattva is exclusively predominant, then he attains the taintless worlds of those who know the highest.


When one dies while rajas is predominant, he is born among people attached to activity. Similarly, when one dies while tamas is predominant, he takes birth among the stupid species.


[Chapter 14, Slokas 14.11 – 14.15]

Author’s thoughts:

Lord Krishna in the above verses continues to reveal about the attributes of the qualities of sattva, rajas and tamas that are born of Nature and what happens to the embodied one when one quality is predominant at the time of passing away.

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