Monasticism and Liberation – Chapter 18 – Slokas 18.36 – 18.40

The Blessed Lord said, “sukham tv idanim tri-vidham
srnu me bharatarsabha
abhyasad ramate yatra
duhkhantam ca nigacchati
– Now – idānim hear from Me, O scion of the Bharata dynasty, as regards the three kinds of – trividham of joy –  sukham: That in which – yatra one delights – ramate owing to habit – abhyāsāt, and certainly attains –  nigacchati the cessation of sorrows –  duhkhāntam


yat tad agre visam iva
pariname ‘mrtopamam
tat sukham sattvikam proktam
– That which – yat is like – iva poison – visam in the beginning – agre, but comparable to nectar – amrtopamam in the end – parināme and which arises from the purity of one’s intellect –  ātma-buddhi-prasādajam – that – tat  joy – sukham is spoken of – proktam of as born of sattva.


That joy is referred to as born of rajas which arising from the contact of the organs and their objects, is like nectar in the beginning, but like poison at the end.


That joy is said to be born of tamas which both in the beginning and in the sequel, is delusive to oneself and arises from sleep, laziness and inadvertence.


na tad asti prthivyam va
divi devesu va punah
sattvam prakrti-jair muktam
yad ebhih syat tribhir gunaih
– There is no – na asti such – tat entity – sattvam in the world – prthivyām or, again – vā punah among the gods – devesu in heaven – divi, which – syāt can be free – muktam from these – ebhih three – tribhih gunas born of Nature – prakrti-jaih.


[Chapter 18, Slokas 18.36 – 18.40]

Author’s thoughts:

Lord Krishna in the above verses reveals the three kinds of sukham and also goes on to reveal that no one born in this Nature can be free from these three kinds of gunas that are born of Nature.

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