Monasticism and Liberation – Chapter 18 – Slokas 18.61 – 18.65

The Blessed Lord said, “isvarah sarva-bhutanam
hrd-dese ‘rjuna tisthati
bhramayan sarva-bhutani
yantrarudhani mayaya
– O Arjuna, the Lord – Isvarah resides – tisthati in the region of the heart – hrd-dese of all creatures – sarva-bhutānām, revolving – bhrāmayan through Māyā – māyayā all the creatures – sarva-bhutāni as though mounted on a machine – yantra-ārudhāni!


tam eva saranam gaccha
sarva-bhavena bharata
tat-prasadat param santim
sthanam prapsyasi sasvatam
– Take refuge – gaccha saranam in Him alone – tam eva with your whole being – sarva bhāvena, O scion of the Bharata dynasty. Through His grace – tat prasādāt you will attain – prāpsyasi the Supreme – parām Peace – sāntim and the eternal – sāsvatam Abode – sthānam.


iti te jnanam akhyatam
guhyad guhyataram maya
vimrsyaitad asesena
yathecchasi tatha kuru –
To you – te has been imparted – ākhyātam by Me – mayā this – iti knowledge – jnānam which is more secret than any secret – guhyataram. Pondering over – vimrsya this – etat as a whole – asesena, do – kuru as you like – yathā icchasi tathā.


sarva-guhyatamam bhuyah
srnu me paramam vacah
isto ‘si me drdham iti
tato vaksyami te hitam
– Listen – srnu again – bhutah to My – me highest – paramam utterance – vacah which is the profoundest of all – sarva-guhyatamam. Since – iti you are – asi ever – drdham dear – istah to Me, therefore – tatah I shall speak – vaksyāmi what is beneficial – hitam to you. 


man-mana bhava mad-bhakto
mad-yaji mam namaskuru
mam evaisyasi satyam te
pratijane priyo ‘si me
– Have your mind fixed on Me – bhava manmanā, be My devotee – mad-bhaktah, be a sacrificer to Me – madyāji and bow down – namaskuru to Me – mām. Thus, you will come – esyasi to Me – mām alone – eva. This truth – satyam do I promise – pratijāne to you – te. For you are – asi dear – priyah to Me – me


[Chapter 18, Slokas 18.61 – 18.65]

Author’s thoughts:

Lord Krishna in the above verses instructs Arjuna to surrender and seek refuge in the Supreme Truth and Supreme Being that appears to be bound to prakrti but actually remains only as a witness and non-agent and to engage in all rightful duties of yajnah-dāna-tapah and actions with karma-phala-tyāgah with dhyāna-yoga as the parah-nityam and seek the Lord alone. This is the Supreme instruction which is more secret than any secret received by Arjuna as he is dear to the Lord and the Lord speaks to him as a friend and His well-wisher.

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