Monasticism and Liberation – Chapter 18 – Slokas 18.71 – 18.78

The Blessed Lord said, “sraddhavan anasuyas ca
srnuyad api yo narah
so ‘pi muktah subhal lokan
prapnuyat punya-karmanam
– Any man who, being reverential and free from cavilling, might even hear this, he too, becoming free, shall attain the blessed worlds of those who perform virtuous deeds. 


kaccid etac chrutam partha
tvayaikagrena cetasa
kaccid ajnana-sammohah
pranastas te dhananjaya
– O Pārtha, has this been listened to by you with a one-pointed mind? O Dhananjaya, has your delusion caused by ignorance been destroyed?”


Arjuna said, “nasto mohah smrtir labdha
tvat-prasadan mayacyuta
sthito ‘smi gata-sandehah
karisye vacanam tava
– O Acyuta, my delusion has been destroyed, and memory has been regained by me through Your grace. I stand with my doubt removed; I shall follow Your instruction.”


Sanjaya said, “ity aham vasudevasya
parthasya ca mahatmanah
samvadam imam asrausam
adbhutam roma-harsanam
– I thus heard this conversation of Vāsudeva – vāsudevasya and of the great-souled Pārtha – mahātmanah pārthasya, which is unique – adbhutam and makes one’s hair stand on end – roma-harsanam.


vyasa-prasadac chrutavan
etad guhyam aham param
yogam yogesvarat krsnat
saksat kathayatah svayam
– Through the favour and grace of Vyāsa I heard this secret concerning the supreme Yoga from Krsna, the Lord of Yogas, while He Himself was actually speaking!


rajan samsmrtya samsmrtya
samvadam imam adbhutam
kesavarjunayoh punyam
hrsyami ca muhur muhuh
– And, O King, while repeatedly remembering – samsmrtya samsmrtya this unique – adbhutam sacred – punyam dialogue – samvādam between Kesava and Arjuna, I rejoice – hrsyāmi every moment – muhuh muhuh.


tac ca samsmrtya samsmrtya
rupam aty-adbhutam hareh
vismayo me mahan rajan
hrsyami ca punah punah – 
O King, repeatedly recollecting – samsmrtya samsmrtya that greatly extraordinary – ati-adbhutam form – rupam of Hari – hareh, I am struck with wonder – mahān vismayah me. And I rejoice – hrsyāmi again and again – punah punah


yatra yogesvarah krsno
yatra partho dhanur-dharah
tatra srir vijayo bhutir
dhruva nitir matir mama 
– Where there is Krsna, the Lord of yogas, and where there is Pārtha, the wielder of the bow, there are fortune – srih, victory – vijayah, prosperity – bhutih and unfailing – dhruvā prudence – nitih. Such is my conviction.


[Chapter 18, Slokas 18.71 – 18.78]

Author’s thoughts:

aham brahma param dhāma

brahmāham paramam padam


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