Sanatsujatha Parva of Udyoga Parva of The Mahabharata – Slokas 1 – 6


Harihi Aum

Prostrations to Lord Vallabha Ganapathi, Ocean of Mercy and Kindness.

Salutations offered to Sri Shuka Paramarshi, the venerable Great Guru of the Rishis.

Obeisance paid to Bhagawan Shree Krishna, the Supreme Self, The Perfect Being.

Pranaams offered to Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi of Thiruvannamalai.


Introduction to Sanatsujatha Parva:


Dhrutharashtra said, “Dear Vidura, is there anything else you wish to reveal to me or something that you have left out, I am most eager to hear it because your description is delightful”.


Vidura said, “Bharatvanshi Dhrutharashtra! The son extraordinaire of Brahma, Kumar Sanatsujatha is a Paramarshi, an exalted ancient eternal Sage who proclaimed, “There is no death”. 

He is the foremost among intellectuals and only He can answer the questions of the vyakta – manifest and avyakta – unmanifest that are in your heart.


Dhrutharashtra said, “Vidura! Do you know that truth, which will again be spoken off by the Eternal Sage to me? if so, and if your intellect is capable of elaborating more on that, then why don’t you reveal it to me?”


Vidura said, “Hey King! I am born to a sudra lady and therefore, besides this, I do not have the eligibility and the courage to give you any further upadesha but the intelligence, knowledge and wisdom of Kumar Sanatsujatha is limitless and this I do know.

Only if one who is born as a Brahmin enunciates this secret tattva, then it does not become a cause for criticism by the devathas. Hence, this is the reason I have spoken as I have.


[Sanatsujatha Parva – Chapters 41 of Udyoga Parva – Slokas 1 – 6]

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