Sanatsujatha Parva of Udyoga Parva Chapter 42 – Slokas 13 – 18

Sanatsujatha Paramarshi continued saying, “A man who runs behind his ambitions and desires will get destroyed along with his ambitions and desires but a wise man who renunciates all desires accepting the sorrows that come in the form of birth-death will destroy that as well.


Desires are of enchanting nature and attract all beings and is the cause for the lack of discrimination, intoxication and laziness and is comparable to hell and seen as the personification of all sorrows and unhappiness. Like how a drunk man walks dazedly and without balance running and falling over towards a bed, similarly people with overwhelming desires accept happiness in these and run towards them.


One’s whose intellect and mental faculties are not captivated by the fruits of actions and inactions, what can death that appears uneasy and scared and made of straw do to that wise man in this world? Hence King! It is imperative to destroy the primal cause for contemplation and desires in matters of illusory nature that is ignorance and lack of discrimination and deem all other worldly matters as unimportant and irrelevant and give up all thoughts about them.


The antarātmā – Self that resides within your body becomes captured by illusion and takes the form of krodh – anger, pramad – lack of discrimination, foolishness, carelessness, delirium and hallucinations and death. The one who is steady in his contemplation on the Self and Supreme Knowledge and knows and realizes that death occurs because of illusion will never fear death in this world. Death will self-destruct when it comes near him just like how a man who abides by the principles of dharma and death comes to the jurisdiction of death”.


Dhrutharashtra said, “The ones who are blessed and initiated under the ancient traditional samskāra of upanayana have been promised the prized heavenly worlds that are pure, immortal and infinite through yagnas and homas and this has been spoken of in the Vedas as the Param Purushārth – the supreme destination and object of human pursuit. Why does not a man who is wise and aware of this matter take refuge in these exalted actions and sacrifices?”


Sanatsujatha said, “King! An ignorant man resides in this manner in the different lokas and the Vedas speak of the various uses of these actions and sacrifices but a man who renunciates all the fruits of actions and inactions through the path of jnāna will cross over all other paths becoming the Paramātmā swaroopa – the Supreme Self and attains the Paramātma – the Supreme Self only”.


[Sanatsujatha Parva – Chapters 42 of Udyoga Parva – Slokas 13 – 18]

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