Sanatsujatha Parva of Udyoga Parva Chapter 43 – Slokas 19 – 25

Sanatsujatha Paramarshi said, “Those who are interested in sexual acts and gratification, those who are incongruous, those who are extremely conceited, those who regret after performing charity and charitable acts, those who are very niggardly, those who praise arth and kama and those who have hatred towards women – these seven adding to the previously mentioned six are the thirteen types of evil men.


Dharmasatyaindriyanigrahatapa, absence of jealousy and envy, lajja, sahanasheelata, not seeing any flaws in any being, performance of yagnasdhāna, dhairya and knowledge of the shastras are the twelve qualities of brahman.


Those who master these twelve qualities can bring all the men in this universe under his influence. Even if he possesses three or two or even one of these befitting qualities, it is to be understood that he will be in possession of all types of wealth.


Ambrosia is inherent in the three qualities of damatyāga and apramad. It has been said that mastery of these qualities leads an intelligent brahman to the Paramātmā swaroopa – the Supreme Self thereby attaining the Paramātmā


There are eighteen qualities in dama – control of the senses. Contrary belief to duties-improper acts, untrue dialogue, seeing faults in qualities, desire and lust for women, spending all the time in accumulating money and wealth, willingness to experience desirous nature and its fruits, anger, agony and sorrow, hunger and thirst, greed and lust, indulging in gossip, envy, cruelty, grief, disinterest in the shastras, forgetting to perform duties, excessive chatter and thinking no end of oneself are the blemishes that one has to free himself from and one who is liberated from these is called a satpurusha.


[Sanatsujatha Parva – Chapters 43 of Udyoga Parva – Slokas 19 – 25]

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