Sanatsujatha Parva of Udyoga Parva Chapter 43 – Slokas 26 – 31

Sanatsujatha Paramarshi said, “There are eighteen blemishes in mada – pride and arrogance and the aforementioned qualities of dama are the flaws of mada. There are six types of tyāga – renunciation and all the six are exalted and excellent but the third type of renunciation namely that of kama tyāga is incredibly difficult. Renunciation of kama tyāga will definitely see a man cross over the three types of sorrow. Renunciation of kama tyāga will assure one of every possible success.


Great King! There are six ultimate types of tyāga that have been spoken off. The first type of tyāga is not to be overjoyed on receiving wealth and prosperity. The second type of tyāga is to spend money for conducting yagnashomas, digging wells, lakes and ponds and laying gardens and others. The third type of tyāga is to renunciate kama by embracing dispassion. Maharshis speak of this as the solution for the inexpressible moksha. Therefore, this third tyāga is considered to be outstanding.


The renunciation that awakens when one renunciates all belongings with dispassion will see that the willingness will not arise upon consumption. Renunciation is not possible upon collection of excessive wealth and valuables. Renunciation of kama is not possible even if one experiences the actions and fruits of duties and acts simply to fulfill the desire.


If a man who is associated with all the qualities and richness sees that the duties and actions performed by him are not perfect, then he should not be sorrowful and ashamed.


[Sanatsujatha Parva – Chapters 43 of Udyoga Parva – Slokas 26 – 31]

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