Sanatsujatha Parva of Udyoga Parva Chapter 44 – Slokas 7 – 12

Sanatsujatha Paramarshi said, “Those people who win over their desirous nature and intentions while remaining in the present in this universe and tolerate all types of dualities so as to attain brāhmisthitih – the state of being established in Brahman separate the ātmā from the body similar to how a rope made of grass is untied while remaining in the state of sattvaguna.


Hey Bharata! Both Mother and Father give birth to this body and the birth taken with the upadesh of the Acharya is considered to be exceedingly pure and immortal.


The Acharyas who reveal satya through expositions of the Paramārtha – the highest truth and exhibit mastery over the Immortal and safeguard the varnashramas of brahmin and others are to be considered as Mother-Father and one should remember and be grateful for the help rendered and should never cause them any harm.


A student observing Brahmacharya should offer salutations to the true Guru, should be rid of pramad and be pure both inside and outside, should put his effort into studying the Vedas, should not insult or humiliate and should not give anger any place in the mind. This is the first step of Brahmacharya.


The path of those students who become pure by performing their rightful and chosen duties, actions and inactions to earn a living and attain knowledge is also considered to be the first step of Brahmacharya.


If one puts their prāna – life force, wealth, mind and speech as well as duties, actions and inactions to please the Acharya, then that is to be known as the second step of Brahmacharya.


[Sanatsujatha Parva – Chapters 44 of Udyoga Parva – Slokas 7 – 12]

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