Yānasandhi Parva – Sanjaya conveys Arjuna’s message – Chapter 48 – Slokas 27 – 31

Sanjaya uvācha, “When the five valorous sons of Draupadi who are young boys in age but have received complete education in astra shastra (knowledge of the weapons) and display gallantry equal to that of young people and have let go the attachment to life assail the army of the Kauravas, then Kururaja Duryodhana seeing their state will regret greatly for committing the mistake of provoking for a war.


When Sahadeva seats himself on a favourable/well-disposed chariot as per his desire that has praiseworthy well-kept horses tied to it, which has wheels whose axle does not make even the slightest sound and moves like infinite wheels appearing like golden spheres/balls of thread cuts off the heads of the enemy kings through his multitude of arrows creating an atmosphere of great fear and when Sahadeva who is a highly skilled warrior stands firm on the battleground charges on the enemies attacking from all the sides sitting on the chariot, then Duryodhana, son of Dhrutharashtra after seeing that sight will think about the outcome of the war and surely repent.


When Duryodhana sees Sahadeva who is modest, proficient in the art of war, truthful, of mighty strength, endowed in dharma in entirety, swift and one who releases the arrows from the bow rapidly attacks Shakuni in this fierce war and begins slaughtering the soldiers of the enemy and sees Draupadi’s five sons who are great archers, valorous, accomplished in the art and knowledge of war and proficient in the art of fighting on a chariot attack like fearsome venomous snakes, then he will be filled with remorse for instigating a war.


[Yānasandhi Parva – Sanjaya conveys Arjuna’s message – Chapter 48 of Udyoga Parva – Slokas 27 – 31]

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