The tragic tale of Draupadi’s distress must have a silver lining. Born of fire, she was endowed with the fiery power to reduce Duryodhana, Dusshaasana, Karna and Shakuni (besides whomsoever she wanted) to ashes in a second. But she willed otherwise! Those armed with divine power refrain from exhibiting their talent and resources. So did... Continue Reading →

Yudhishtira’s reply

“Draupadi! I have followed the path of righteousness not with any expectation of fruits. I have chosen the Vedic path. I have adopted the righteous path in the same way as other righteous ones have followed. By nature, my mind is fixed on the pursuit of dharma. Do not have doubts about dharma which is... Continue Reading →

Draupadi’s dig at dharma

Yudhishtira’s sermon on the qualities of kindness and mercy were not acceptable to Draupadi.  She said: “I offer my salutations to Parameswara who has caused unrealistic attachments to your intellect, and to the inexorable fate (Prarabdha) responsible for your present unfortunate state. Although your intellect had to toe the line of your forefathers, it has... Continue Reading →

Quality of mercy

Yudhishtira continued his sermon to Draupadi:   Kashyapa spells out Mercy’s “marma” Quality of mercy is man’s “dharma” Displaying the attribute is “dharana” Mercy personified is Vedic scripture One knowing this rises to ancient culture!   Mercy is Brahman and verily the truth, Foundation for future and present path, In world’s operations aftermath! Mercy is... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of anger

Yudhishtira Uvaacha: “Enlightened one! Anger kills men: Conquest of ire Bales them out of fire! Flame is cause of all Men’s rise or fall!   Whoever subdues anger Verily is bound to prosper! For one unable to zoom Ire spells the doom!   The irritable one In a veritable sinner! Sans Introspection, ‘Speaks’ many a... Continue Reading →

Brahma Thejas & Kshaatra Thejas

The distress of Draupadi and of the Pandavas in the forest had a silver lining. The best among the Brahmins who were Vedic scholars had joined the Pandavas’s camp in the forest and were patronized by Yudhishtira and the entire clan of Kshatriyas. The forest which was reverberating with the soothing sound of Vedic hymns reminded... Continue Reading →

Four causes of distress

That Yudhishtira would recover his lost kingdom (after the forest life) from the Kauravas was also asserted by Markandaya Maharshi. Sri Krishna sought to assure Yudhishtira that the Pandavas would not have been lured into playing the accursed game of dice if he had been in Dwaravathi. He said he would have personally intervened and... Continue Reading →

Draupadi cries before Krishna

There used to be many visitors to Pandavas in the forest. Draupadi and Arjuna once offered long prayers to Krishna. The Lord came to offer words of comfort. “Krishna!” said Draupadi shedding tears, “you are aware of the shame and distress caused to me in the august assembly the other day. In an inhuman way,... Continue Reading →

Dusshasana should beg Draupadi’s pardon

The scene at Hastinapur was somewhat different as tensions in Dhrutharashtra’s mind were mounting. Vidura gave a three-point formula for the King to follow to set matters right. The first was that Dusshaasana should, in an open court-hall filled with members, offer unconditional apology and seek the pardon of Draupadi and Bhimasena for the heinous... Continue Reading →

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