Lord Indra asks for Karna’s kavach and kundal

Karna stood in the water at noon to perform the obligatory sandhyāvandanam to Bhagawan Diwakara. Many Brahmans seeking wealth had assembled there. Indra also arrived there as a Brahman asking for bhikshā.   Karna greeted him with honour but failed to see through his disguise and read his mind. Karna bowed respectfully and said, "O venerable... Continue Reading →

Bhagawan Surya comes to warn Karna in his dream

From the moment, Dharmaraja Yudhishtira saw Karna adorned with the celestial kavach and kundal, a great fear entered his heart. He knew that Karna was more than a match for Arjuna. He constantly worried about the prowess and dexterity of Karna never voicing his views to his brothers.   However, the pious Lomasha Maharshi was well-aware of... Continue Reading →

Sāvitrī and Satyavān

"Exactly one year from now, Satyavān will meet his end. This is tragically his only flaw." said Narada Devarshi to Raja Asvapati, king of Madradesh about Sāvitrī's decision to marry Satyavān, son of Dyumatsena.   Sāvitrī knew the words of a Rishi can never be untrue. But she remained firm on her decision to marry... Continue Reading →

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