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Sāndeepa means “Light of the evening: Brightest flame” or “Sandhyā” – A spiritual quest to see the Light of Lights residing in one’s Heart.


Sāndeepa is a spiritual journey to Self-Realization through the stories, biographies, teachings and experiences of Rishis, Great Masters, Gurus, Jnanis and Jeevanmuktas.


Sāndeepa is a free online library and book community to help a seeker understand the philosophy of Existence, Self-Enquiry and Self-Surrender in the discourses and instructions in the Scriptures; to encourage them to follow a path that he or she feels comfortable in to realize the Self.


About the contributing authors:

V. Suryanarayan (1930-2016) : A Jeevanmukta, who led an exemplary praiseworthy life based on the doctrines and teachings of Rishis – a disciplined simple austere life dedicated to charity, sacrifice, japa, thapa, homa and yagna and helping countless people in their difficult times through kind words, witty anecdotes, astrological consultations, Vedic remedial measures, mantra upadesha and sadhana, monetary assistance and tireless service to many religious institutions and Ashrams. He was always a picture of kindness, radiance and bliss and his immersion and absorption into the Self was an inspiration to all those who had the privilege of associating with him. It was always a delight to hear him speak and share his experiences of thapas in various Temples and kshetras and instructions and humorous stories told in the long sessions of Nadi Shastras as he was a quiet man – ever peaceful within his Self.

An eminent lawyer, a successful entrepreneur, a brilliant astrologer, a creative artist, an eloquent orator, an erudite scholar, an intuitive writer and author of many highly appreciated books: “Aurora of Arunachala”, “Vignettes of Vedanta”, “Kavirājarshimārga”, the magnum opus in Kannada to name a few.


Lakshmi. S 


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