Chapter - 8    Define tranquility and what are the ingredients of tranquility? Tranquility literally means freedom from disturbance. It means calmness. The following are the ingredients of T-R-A-N-Q-U-I-L-I-T-Y :- Touchstone of immobility Reticence in disposition Ambrosial feeling Nagging silence Quietness in approach Unassailability with ultimate reality in mind Impervious to criticism Laudable action or reaction... Continue Reading →

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Sanjaya takes leave and Yudhishtira’s message – Chapter 30 – Slokas 14 – 18

Yudhishtira said, "Sanjaya! Thereafter, please visit the house of Kripacharya, the superlative gallant warrior among realized persons and please touch his feet with both your hands taking my name repeatedly.   Please catch both the feet of the most exemplary of the Kurus, Bhishma Pithamaha who is endowed with veeratva - valour, daya - compassion, tapasya - austerity, buddhi -... Continue Reading →

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