Chapter - 8    Define tranquility and what are the ingredients of tranquility? Tranquility literally means freedom from disturbance. It means calmness. The following are the ingredients of T-R-A-N-Q-U-I-L-I-T-Y :- Touchstone of immobility Reticence in disposition Ambrosial feeling Nagging silence Quietness in approach Unassailability with ultimate reality in mind Impervious to criticism Laudable action or reaction... Continue Reading →

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Discrimination between Nature and Soul – Chapter 13 – Slokas 13.07 – 13.11

The Blessed Lord said, "amanitvam adambhitvam ahimsa ksantir arjavam acaryopasanam saucam sthairyam atma-vinigrahah indriyarthesu vairagyam anahankara eva ca janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi- duhkha-dosanudarsanam asaktir anabhisvangah putra-dara-grhadisu nityam ca sama-cittatvam istanistopapattisu - Humility, unpretentiousness, non-injury and absence of cruelty towards creatures, forbearance, sincerity, service of the teacher, cleanliness, steadiness, control of the body and organs in perseverance in the path... Continue Reading →

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