Chapter - 8    Define tranquility and what are the ingredients of tranquility? Tranquility literally means freedom from disturbance. It means calmness. The following are the ingredients of T-R-A-N-Q-U-I-L-I-T-Y :- Touchstone of immobility Reticence in disposition Ambrosial feeling Nagging silence Quietness in approach Unassailability with ultimate reality in mind Impervious to criticism Laudable action or reaction... Continue Reading →

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Monasticism and Liberation – Chapter 18 – Slokas 18.51 – 18.55

The Blessed Lord said, "buddhya visuddhaya yukto dhrtyatmanam niyamya ca sabdadin visayams tyaktva raga-dvesau vyudasya ca - Being endowed - yuktah with a pure - visuddhayā intellect - buddhyā, and controlling - niyamya oneself - ātmānam with fortitude - dhrtyā, rejecting - tyaktvā the objects - visayān - beginning from sound - sabdādin, and eliminating - vyudasya attachment and hatred -... Continue Reading →

Monasticism and Liberation – Chapter 18 – Slokas 18.41 – 18.45

The Blessed Lord said, "brahmana-ksatriya-visam sudranam ca parantapa karmani pravibhaktani svabhava-prabhavair gunaih - O scorcher of enemies - parantapa, the duties - karmāni of the Brāhmanas, the Kshatriyas and the Vaisyas - brāhmana-ksatriya-visām, as also of the Sudras - sudrānām have been fully classified - pravibhaktāni according to the gunas - gunaih born from Nature - svabhāva-prabhavaih.   samo... Continue Reading →

Monasticism and Liberation – Chapter 18 – Slokas 18.26 – 18.30

The Blessed Lord said, "mukta-sango 'naham-vadi dhrty-utsaha-samanvitah siddhy-asiddhyor nirvikarah karta sattvika ucyate - The agent - kartā who is free from attachment - mukta-sangah, not egotistic - anahamvādi, endowed with fortitude and diligence - dhrti-utsāha-samanvitah and unperturbed - nirvikārah by success and failure - siddhi-asiddhyoh is said to be possessed of sattva.    The agent who has attachment, who is desirous of the results... Continue Reading →

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