Chapter - 8    Define tranquility and what are the ingredients of tranquility? Tranquility literally means freedom from disturbance. It means calmness. The following are the ingredients of T-R-A-N-Q-U-I-L-I-T-Y :- Touchstone of immobility Reticence in disposition Ambrosial feeling Nagging silence Quietness in approach Unassailability with ultimate reality in mind Impervious to criticism Laudable action or reaction... Continue Reading →

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Brahma Sutras – Chapter 4, Section 4 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 22

।। चतुर्थोऽध्यायः ।। ।। चतुर्थः पादः ।। सम्पद्याविर्भावः स्वेन शब्दात् ।। 4.4.1 ।। When the jeeva has attained the Highest Light, there is manifestation of ITs real nature, as we know from the word 'in its own'.   मुक्तः प्रतिज्ञानात्।।4.4.2।। The jeeva then attains Liberation as is known from the declaration made in the scriptures.   आत्मा... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 4, Section 3 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 16

।। चतुर्थोध्यायः ।। ।। तृतीयः पादः ।। अर्चिरादिना तत्प्रथितेः ।। 4.3.1 ।। It is well known that the jeeva of the knower of the Saguna Brahman travels along the path beginning from the flame.   वायुमब्दादविशेषविशेषाभ्याम्।।4.3.2।। The jeeva of the knower of the Saguna Brahman goes from the deity of the year to the deity of air,... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 4, Section 2 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 21

।। चतुर्थोऽध्यायः ।। ।। द्वितीयः पादः ।। वाङ्मनसि दर्शनाच्छब्दाच्च ।। 4.2.1 ।। The function of speech merges in the mind at the time of the death of the physical frame as stated in the scriptures.   अत एव च सर्वाण्यनु।।4.2.2।। And for the same reason, the functions of all the organs get merged in the... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 4, Section 1 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 19

।। चतुर्थोऽध्यायः ।। ।। प्रथमः पादः ।। आवृत्तिरसकृदुपदेशात् ।। 4.1.1 ।। Repetition of hearing, chanting, reflection and meditation on the teaching of the Self is necessary as it has been repeatedly instructed in the scriptures.   लिङ्गाच्च।।4.1.2।। And on account of the indicatory mark.   आत्मेति तूपगच्छन्ति ग्राहयन्ति च।।4.1.3।। The Sruti texts acknowledge Brahman as... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 3, Section 4 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 52

।। तृतीयोऽध्यायः ।। ।। चतुर्थः पादः ।। पुरुषार्थोऽतः शब्दादिति बादरायणः ।। 3.4.1 ।। Bādarāyana Maharshi says that Knowledge of the Self determines a man's purpose and therefore, liberation also results from the Knowledge of the Self as declared in the scriptures.   शेषत्वात्पुरुषार्थवादो यथाऽन्येष्विति जैमिनिः।।3.4.2।। Jaimini Maharshi thinks that the scriptures prescribe sacrificial acts to... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 3, Section 3 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 66

।। तृतीयोऽध्यायः ।। ।। तृतीयः पादः ।। सर्ववेदान्तप्रत्ययं चोदनाद्यविशेषात् ।। 3.3.1 ।। All Upāsanās mentioned in several scriptural texts are ultimately the same as the Primordial Cause is one.   भेदान्नेति चेन्नैकस्यामपि।।3.3.2।। If one were to say that the Vidyas are not the same owing to differences in descriptions and details, then that can be... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 3, Section 2 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 41

।। तृतीयोऽध्यायः ।। ।। द्वितीयः पादः ।। सन्ध्ये सृष्टिराह हि ।। 3.2.1 ।। The Sruti states that real creation is there in the intermediate stage between waking and deep sleep.   निर्मातारं चैके पुत्रादयश्च।।3.2.2।। And some Sakhas state that the Self is the creator of the objects of desire when one is asleep and objects... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 3, Section 1 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 27

।। तृतीयोऽध्यायः ।। ।। प्रथमः पादः ।। तदन्तरप्रतिपत्तौ रंहति सम्परिष्वक्तः प्रश्ननिरूपणाभ्याम् ।। 3.1.1 ।। The jeeva goes out of the body enveloped with subtle parts of the elements to obtain a fresh body as known by the question and answer in the scriptures.   त्र्यात्मकत्वात्तु भूयस्त्वात्।।3.1.2।। As water consists of three elements, the jeeva is enveloped by all... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 2, Section 4 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 22

।। द्वितीयोऽध्यायः ।। ।। चतुर्थः पादः ।। तथा प्राणाः ।। 2.4.1 ।। As the Supreme Brahman is the Primordial Cause and the Creator, all the organs are also created by IT.   गौण्यसम्भवात्।।2.4.2।। As the origin of all is the Supreme Brahman who is limitless and beyond the constraints of mind and thought, it is... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 2, Section 3 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 53

।। द्वितीयोऽध्यायः ।। ।। तृतीयः पादः ।। न वियदश्रुतेः ।। 2.3.1 ।। Ākāśa is eternal, has no origin and is not created as stated by the Sruti.   अस्ति तु।।2.3.2।। But there is a Sruti text that says that Ākāśa is created.   गोण्यसम्भवात्।।2.3.3।। But the above-mentioned Sruti text is to be taken in the... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 2, Section 2 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 45

।। द्वितीयोऽध्यायः ।। ।। द्वितीयः पादः ।। रचनानुपपत्तेश्च नानुमानम् ।। 2.2.1 ।। There are several inferences made that an inert entity is the foundation or Pradhāna of this world but that does not hold water because there is only the One. This universe is a reflection of the Absolute and is in reality, the Absolute.... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 2, Section 1 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 37

।। द्वितीयोऽध्यायः ।। ।। प्रथमः पादः ।। स्मृत्यनवकाशदोषप्रसङ्ग इति चेन्नान्यस्मृत्यनवकाशदोषप्रसङ्गात् ।। 2.1.1 ।। It has been ascertained that the Supreme Self is the Primordial Cause of this universe. This universe, a manifestation of IT as a reflection of ITSELF is in reality the Supreme Self, pure, eternal and unabated BLISS. Some Smritis navigate through this... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 1, Section 4 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 28

।। प्रथमोऽध्यायः ।। ।। चतुर्थः पादः ।। आनुमानिकमप्येकेषामिति चेन्न शरीररूपकविन्यस्तगृहीतेर्दर्शयति च ।। 1.4.1 ।। Some commentaries on the Hindu scriptures and Vedas have stated that the foundation is not the Supreme Brahman. However, what needs to be understood is that this is only limited to the reflection of Consciousness and not to the Unmanifest Supreme... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 1, Section 3 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 43

।। प्रथमोऽध्यायः ।। ।। तृतीयः पादः ।। द्युभ्वाद्यायतनं स्वशब्दात् ।। 1.3.1 ।। The heavenly worlds, the earthly worlds, the nether worlds and others deemed to be resting places exist only in the reflection of Consciousness. They are an illusion and in reality, are neither created nor destroyed.   मुक्तोपसृप्यव्यपदेशात्।।1.3.2।। Therefore, what is meant by mukti? Who... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 1, Section 2 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 32

।। प्रथमोऽध्यायः ।। ।। द्वितीयः पादः ।। सर्वत्र प्रसिद्धोपदेशात् ।। 1.2.1 ।। The Supreme Brahman is extolled in the scriptures and commentaries. As IT is the Supreme Cause, the Vedas and scriptures have emanated from IT, are the essence of IT, praise IT, reveal the paths to know, perceive, realize and experience IT and have... Continue Reading →

Brahma Sutras – Chapter 1, Section 1 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 31

।।ब्रह्मसूत्रभाष्यम्।। श्रीमच्छंकरभगवत्पादैः विरचितम्। ।।प्रथमोऽध्यायः।। ।।प्रथमः पादः।।   अथातो ब्रह्मजिज्ञासा ।। 1.1.1 ।। There is nothing greater and higher than Brahmajnāna - the Supreme Knowledge. All the actions and inactions prescribed in the Vedas and scriptural authorities are only the way to dhyāna and eventually tapas (single-pointed concentration on the Supreme Being).   Of what use will the... Continue Reading →

Siva Gita – Chapter 16 – Dhyāna Yoga – Slokas 1 – Slokas 69, Uttara Khanda, Padma Purana

Prabhu Shri Rama uvācha, "O Lord! You have explained the path to moksha. Please tell me those who are competent to follow that path. There is a great doubt in me regarding this matter."   Shri Bhagawan uvācha, “The Brahmanas, kshatriyas, vaishyas, sudras and women are eligible. The Brahmachari, grihastha and the uninitiated too, if he were a Brahmana.   Even a forest-dweller,... Continue Reading →

Siva Gita – Chapter 14 – Instruction on Surrender and Self – Slokas 1 – Slokas 44, Uttara Khanda, Padma Purana

Prabhu Shri Rama uvācha, "O Lord! If your form is the embodiment of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss, indivisible, non-dual, actionless, peaceful and unattached,   If You are devoid of any qualities and attributes, beyond the reach of mind and speech, abiding everywhere and by virtue of being all-pervasive, You know Yourself,   If You are... Continue Reading →

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