Draupadi dragged to court

Stung by the bug of arrogance, Duryodhana scoffed at Vidura and protesting against his words, called a messenger.   He asked him to bring Draupadi to the court and said, “You need not be afraid of the sons of Pandu.  The only one who fears is Vidura.  He, however, is not interested in our progress.” Duryodhana... Continue Reading →

Vidura pulls up Duryodhana

Duryodhana, rendered indiscreet by the flush of victory lost even the modicum of mental balance and commanded Vidura to undertake an unpleasant task. “Vidura!” he said to him, “Go at once and bring Draupadi, the love of Pandavas.  Let her sweep the floor of the house and keep it clean.  That unfortunate one shall live... Continue Reading →

Draupadi as stake

In the midst of this confusion and total disillusionment in Yudhishtira’s camp, the cunning Shakuni had a brain wave. “You made a mistake”, he said to Yudhishtira, “by staking yourself.  However you are left with one more valuable item of wealth.  In spite of it, it is unfortunate on your part to have offered yourself... Continue Reading →

Yudhishtira loses all in the game of dice

The game of dice and the crescendo of Kaurava’s delight in a stormy and tempestuous atmosphere continued unabated as Yudhishtira suffered successive defeats.  Victory appeared to be unknown to him.  Addressing the losing Yudhishtira, Shakuni said, “Yudhishtira You have staked and lost  all the wealth belonging to Pandavas.  Is there anything valuable which has not... Continue Reading →

Introduction to “Draupadi in Distress”

Draupadi constitutes the most unique example of a dame in distress  - the kind of distress probably unknown to any other heroine or female  character in a story, legend or epic like the Mahabharata. She would perhaps have willingly subjected herself to any severe punishment coupled with dignity but was destined to stake all her... Continue Reading →

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