Swayambhu Linga – Chapter- 25

Shishya bows down and asks, "O Great Guru! The astonishing feat of transcending the dense and subtle layers and planes of creation and creation differentials by You rendered all the Rishis and all of creation speechless. I beseech You to guide me further on this."   Guru says, "Son, as I have said earlier all... Continue Reading →

Subtler than the subtle – 24

Guru says, "Child, as I have said earlier that all of creation lies within the dynamic and complex structure of an atom, it is therefore necessary to perceive its interwoven complex structure, formation and composition to understand how to experience it and transcend it.   As I have said earlier, creation is expansive and universe... Continue Reading →

Dhyāna – Chapter – 17

Guru says, "Child, for a created being to even begin to show gratitude and practise acceptance for Self-Surrender, first he must contemplate and introspect on the Supreme Self. For a created being to know, realize, understand, perceive and experience the Supreme Self, the "body" or the manifest state of the self-luminous akshara is his greatest friend.  ... Continue Reading →

Karma phala tyāgaḿ – Chapter – 15

Shishya expresses, "O Venerable Guru! This indeed is beautiful and astonishing to hear. I am grateful and thankful to You for revealing the inner secrets of the Supreme Self. But, when both happiness and sorrow are inherent in each and every action and inaction, words, thoughts and speech and fruits of the actions and inactions in... Continue Reading →

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