Subtler than the subtle – 24

Guru says, “Child, as I have said earlier that all of creation lies within the dynamic and complex structure of an atom, it is therefore necessary to perceive its interwoven complex structure, formation and composition to understand how to experience it and transcend it.


As I have said earlier, creation is expansive and universe is subtle in its nature and both these aspects need to be perceived and understood as they are interlinked and interwoven.


The complex structure of the atom is both relative and absolute and dynamic and static. This is difficult to comprehend but so is the nature of creation.


The outer layers and spaces within the atom of creation spreads in different directions and are considered to be denser and vast in its expanse and becomes more and more subtle as it moves into the inner circles of the “body” or the manifest state of the self-luminous akshara with the creation differentials.


Further inwards, are subtler planes and spaces of the unmanifest state of the self-luminous akshara with the subtlest being the centre of the atom.


This will be difficult to perceive and hence has to be experienced and transcended as I have said. This is the reason why so much value and importance has been given to every path, sadhana, anuṣṭhāna, practice, yāga, yagna, dāna, dharma, japa, dhyāna, jnāna, yoga, Vedopasana, Nadopasana, mantra sadhana, tapas and other methods prescribed in the scriptures and by the myriad forms of the Supreme Self which needs to be practised along with act of showing gratitude and offering thanks to the Supreme Self, practising acceptance and most importantly Self-Surrender.


Child, it is imperative to follow the instructions and surrender to the Self or self-luminous akshara to experience and transcend the dense and subtle layers of creation to become immersed and absorbed into the Supreme Self. This is the surest path.”

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