Atom – Chapter – 22

Guru says, "Child, the complex gamut of creation and creation differentials of nature in this ever-changing and expanding universe is difficult and almost impossible for a created being to comprehend on his own. The reason is that there are innumerable parameters, permutations and combinations in the structure and composition of the atom of creation.  ... Continue Reading →

Transcendence – Chapter – 21

Guru says, "Child, when the very purpose of one's existence is to know, realize, perceive, understand and experience the Supreme Self and to become immersed and absorbed into the Supreme Self, the most appropriate and best method is to abide by the guidance and instructions of the Self or the self-luminous akshara.   The purpose of... Continue Reading →

Apramāda – Chapter – 20

Guru says, "Child, Brahmopadesham is the Supreme Knowledge that each and every created being will be taught by the self-luminous akshara that is the Self. Brahmopadesham is the knowledge, understanding, perception, realization and experience of the self-luminous akshara in entirety. That is the doctrine or upadesh of the Supreme Self.   When is Brahmopadesham bestowed on a created being?... Continue Reading →

Brahmopadesham – Chapter – 19

Guru continues saying, "Son, it should be known that a created being is in dhyāna always. Since, the origin of all creation is Aksharam, every created being and all differentials of creation and even the myriad forms of the Supreme Self, mantras, Vedas, Vakhyas, rituals, practices, sadhanas, anuṣṭhānas, homas, yagnas, yāgas, dāna, dharma, jnāna, yoga, dhyāna, actions... Continue Reading →

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