Apramāda – Chapter – 20

Guru says, “Child, Brahmopadesham is the Supreme Knowledge that each and every created being will be taught by the self-luminous akshara that is the Self. Brahmopadesham is the knowledge, understanding, perception, realization and experience of the self-luminous akshara in entirety. That is the doctrine or upadesh of the Supreme Self.


When is Brahmopadesham bestowed on a created being? A created being is naturally and inherently attuned to the Supreme Self but what he does not know is the seed of his creation. Even though he is Consciousness or Chaitanya, the Primordial Sound or Sabda Brahman and the brilliance of a million suns and is in a state of Consciousness or Chaitanya, he is unaware of it.


Child, when a created being begins to ponder over his own existence, creation of the universe, creation in general and how to know about the Supreme Self, the self-luminous akshara or Self bestows the knowledge and education. What must be known is that the Supreme Self is the Sole Doer and thereby, even contemplation and introspection about the Supreme Self by a created being is itself the work of the Supreme Self.


The Self or self-luminous akshara directs and dictates the appropriate path and practice that a created being must follow in order to understand the meaning of creation, what is creation about and what are its differentials and parameters, how the myriad forms of the Supreme Self are created, how did the myriad forms and shapes of beings come into existence, what is the purpose of existence, how did the scriptures, Vedas, Vakhyas, mantras and the innumerable forms of the Supreme Self come into being and what is the inherent nature of an atom that is more subtler than the subtlest.


As I said, Brahmopadesham is the doctrine about the inherent nature of the self-luminous akshara and to understand its manifest state and its unmanifest state and how to surrender to the self-luminous akshara to see the Self existing within and outside and all-pervading and to become immersed and absorbed into the Supreme Self.


This Brahmopadesham is bestowed on a created being as “intuition” and can neither be explained nor described and differs for each created being. The reason that it differs for each created being is because of the shape and form of the self-luminous akshara it is in and hence, even though the inherent nature is the same, the knowledge, understanding, perception, realization and experience of the manifest state of the self-luminous akshara known as “body” and the unmanifest state of the self-luminous akshara will differ.”

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