Brahmopadesham – Chapter – 19

Guru continues saying, “Son, it should be known that a created being is in dhyāna always. Since, the origin of all creation is Aksharam, every created being and all differentials of creation and even the myriad forms of the Supreme Self, mantras, Vedas, Vakhyas, rituals, practices, sadhanas, anuṣṭhānas, homas, yagnas, yāgas, dāna, dharma, jnāna, yoga, dhyāna, actions and inactions, words, speech, thoughts and other dimensions of creation and the universe are naturally and inherently attuned to its inherent nature of Aksharam.


The Supreme Self is the Primal Cause and the Primordial Person and thereby it should be known, realized, understood, perceived and experienced that every atom in a created being resonates the Primordial Sound or Sabda Brahman, is filled with the brilliance of a million suns or the Primordial Light and is Supreme Consciousness or Chaitanya. This is the true goal of dhyāna.


Hence, to achieve this, the various practices of showing gratitude and offering thanks to the Supreme Self, practising acceptance and most importantly Self-Surrender will be revealed to the created being by the self-luminous akshara which is the Self. This is only known as Brahmopadesham or the knowledge of the Brahman.


The premise of Brahmopadesham is for the created being to surrender to the Self seeking the guidance, instructions and knowledge about the Supreme Self and to practise the teachings rendered by the Self or self-luminous akshara with the help of the “body” that is the manifest state of the self-luminous akshara to experience the unmanifest state of the self-luminous akshara that is SatChitAnanda or AUM and to see the Self existing within as existing outside and all-pervading and to become immersed and absorbed into the Supreme Self.”

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