Mahan Seshadri

Bhagavan Seshadri Swamigal’s ways and means of conveying the quintessence of our philosophy and shedding light on the ultimate reality of existence have been as profoundly simple as they have been unique. “When the physical frame withers away”, according to his cryptocrystalline tattva nirupana, “The sesha or what remains following the fall of the body... Continue Reading →

Parvathi descends to Earth

“Great Brahma!”, said Sanaka Maharshi to the Creator, “You are endowed with a wealth of qualities. By Shiva’s grace and your kindness as the Jagadguru, I have heard from you a lot about the greatness of Arunachala. The sanctity of the place is as wonderful as it is capable of redeeming people from all sins.... Continue Reading →

Swayambhu Linga – Chapter- 25

Shishya bows down and asks, "O Great Guru! The astonishing feat of transcending the dense and subtle layers and planes of creation and creation differentials by You rendered all the Rishis and all of creation speechless. I beseech You to guide me further on this."   Guru says, "Son, as I have said earlier all... Continue Reading →

Atom – Chapter – 22

Guru says, "Child, the complex gamut of creation and creation differentials of nature in this ever-changing and expanding universe is difficult and almost impossible for a created being to comprehend on his own. The reason is that there are innumerable parameters, permutations and combinations in the structure and composition of the atom of creation.  ... Continue Reading →

AUM – Chapter – 3

Guru says, "Child, AUM is said to be the Supreme sound (Nada or Sabda Brahman). What is this AUM? AUM is said to be Akara, Ukara and Makara. What is its origin? Has it self-manifested?   Aksharam manifests the self-luminous aksharas that have inherent light, sound and matter. This self-luminosity manifested as aksharas from Aksharam is... Continue Reading →

Genesis: Theory of the Origins of the Universe

CHAPTER – 2   What is meant by universe? The universe is a five-fold structure created by the Supreme Creator’s will – the Supreme Godhood in action and created in a very short period of time ostensibly through a Big Bang but structured on firm foundations of science. Although literally universe means the conglomeration of... Continue Reading →

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