Goal of Action and Inaction – Chapter – 6

Shishya humbly asks, “O Great Guru of the Rishis! You are the all-knowing One. I beg you to enlighten me further about the various ways to understand and realize the anuṣṭhāna and sadhana to seek the Supreme Self that is inherent in each and every created being.”


Guru says, “Child, there are innumerable mantras, rituals, āradhanas, sadhanas, anuṣṭhānas, various types of yoga, dhyāna, dāna and dharma that has been prescribed in the scriptures. The scriptures are wholesome in their content and pregnant with meaning.


They are the supreme authority to understand the purpose of one’s existence. Every created being should follow the scriptures and abide by the scriptural authority as that is also created and manifested from Aksharam. The goal of the Vedas is absorption into the Supreme Self.


The various paths and ways have sprung forth from the expanding universe and creation and their expanding and ever-changing differentials of nature that have arisen as an outcome of intermingling and union of the self-luminous aksharas.


The fundamental focus of any sadhana, anuṣṭhāna, ritual, practice, enunciation of mantra, dāna, dharma and dhyāna is surrender to the Supreme Self also known as Self-Surrender.


A created being need not possess any education about the Vedas or its content or any knowledge about any practice to seek the Supreme Self, for if every atom in his composition is attuned to and immersed in the Supreme Self, he shall be absorbed into the Supreme Self. This is the Truth.


The reason being that every atom in his composition is the self-luminous akshara that has its origin in Aksharam. The subtle nature of his composition is the self-luminous akshara that has manifested from Aksharam.


The path to follow and seek the Supreme Self is inherent in the created being as Aksharam is inherent in all creation. Hence, a created being will be aware and yet unaware of every atom attuned to and immersed in the Supreme Self. All he needs to do is to become aware.”

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