AUM – Chapter – 3

Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Child, AUM is said to be the Supreme sound or Nada or Sabda Brahman. What is this AUM? AUM is said to be Akara, Ukara and Makara. What is its origin? Has it self-manifested? Aksharam, the Imperishable manifests the self-luminous aksharas or alphabets that have inherent light, sound and matter. This self-luminosity manifested as aksharas or alphabets from Aksharam is what is called as AUM. It is this Primordial sound or Nada or Sabda Brahman that envelopes and engulfs all creation. Its inherent nature is that of Aksharam, the Imperishable. The self-luminosity manifested from Aksharam cannot be differentiated as either Primordial sound or Light or Matter because it is the experience of Aksharam, THAT IS”.


Swethāranyeswar asks, “O Great One, how is one to understand the Undifferentiated and the Indivisible? What is AUM?”.


Sri Shuka Paramarshi replies, ” Son, Aum iti eka aksharam Brahma. AUM is the Supreme One and Only Brahman. Its origin is Aksharam. It is that Aksharam. It is Sabda Brahman and it is Aksharam. It is the Primordial Light and it is Aksharam. It is all matter and forms and created beings and universe and it is Aksharam. It is the myriad forms of Brahman and Supreme Self and it is Aksharam. It is the Vedas, mantras, vakyas, metre, recitation, enunciation and the goal of the Vedas and it is Aksharam. It is the foundation for sadhana/practice, knowledge/jnana, meditation/dhyana and reunuciation of the fruits of actions and inactions/karma phala thyagah and it is Aksharam. It is word, thought, speech, action, inaction and fruits of actions and inactions and it is Aksharam. Its origin is Aksharam  and its inherent nature and attributes is Aksharam. All creation is this AUM and AUM is this creation and is in all creation. AUM is Aksharam“.

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