Legendary bear and tiger

Na parah paapamaadatte pareshaam paapakarmaanaam Samayo rakshiihavyastu santashchaaritrabhooshanaaha (Valmiki Ramayana: Yuddha Kaandam, Sarga 103, Sl.44) The sloka lays down a sensible observation that a wise one will not take serious note of sinful deed committed by one at the behest of others. The righteous one must therefore safeguard one’s resolutions, vows and righteous conduct at... Continue Reading →

Eight-fold qualities of intellect

Sita was so much pleased with Hanuman’s reply that she said he was the only one capable of intelligent and balanced conversation accompanied by the eight –fold qualities of the head, namely: Grahanam dhaaranam chaiva smaranam pratipaadanam Oohaapohaarthavijnaanam tattvajnaanam cha dheegunaaha meaning: Grahanam - absorption; Dhaaranam –installation of absorbed material; Smaranam – memory of installed... Continue Reading →

Hanuman meets Sita

As enjoined by Sri Rama, the great son of Vayu. entered the city of Lanka to the reception of the rakshasas. As per directions of Rama and Vibheeshana, he made his way to Ashoka Vana where Sita was staying. He sent a message to her of his arrival, in consonance with the usual practice. As... Continue Reading →

Coronation of Vibheeshana

One of those who were supremely happy with the auspicious turn of events was Lakshamana, who looked a picture of peace and contentment, besides exuding a rare glow befitting an immediate brother of Sri Rama. In the army barrack, the great ones were together. Rama took the earliest opportunity to tell Lakshmana something which had... Continue Reading →

The aftermath

The Devas, Gandharvas and rakshasas, having witnessed the end of Ravana, slain by Sri Rama, returned from the lively but peaceful atmosphere of Lanka to their respective places, relating to another on their return journey, the incidents that culminated in the removal of the rakshasa gaint, which according to many is the climax of Ramayana.... Continue Reading →

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