Hanuman meets Sita

As enjoined by Sri Rama, the great son of Vayu. entered the city of Lanka to the reception of the rakshasas. As per directions of Rama and Vibheeshana, he made his way to Ashoka Vana where Sita was staying. He sent a message to her of his arrival, in consonance with the usual practice. As he was ushered in, saw Sita, as lustrous but apprehensive as Rohini, enveloped by dust sprinkled by the breeze of the surrounding trees, an indication she had not had a bath. Her spirits were at the lowest ebb amidst the monotony of the encircling rakshasis, at the foot of a tree. In all humility, Hanuman offered prostration to her and stood silent. It was really long since she saw him and naturally there was a lull but soon recaptured the memory of his identity. Her face brightened up. The recovery of her composure was an indication for Hanuman to break his silence. The great one among the Vaanaras then started conveying all that Sri Rama had intended to tell Sita.


The power of dharma

“Vaidehi!” said Hanuman to Sita, “Sri Rama is safe along with Lakshmana and Sugreeva. Having destroyed the enemy, and achieved his object, he has made enquiries about your well-being. With the help of Vaanaras, the strong Lakshmana and Vibheeshana, Sri Rama killed Ravana. Knower of dharma, Sita Devi! I would like to tell you something more that will gladden your heart. This great victory was achieved by the power of your unstinting righteous devotion to Sri Rama. Hence it is no longer necessary on your part to worry about anything. Be peaceful as the enemy Ravana is no more. Today Lanka is in our hands. Mother! This indeed is the message that Sri Rama has sent you.”

It is significant to note Maruti’s particular reference to Sita’s unflinching devotion to Rama and the mysterious divine power of an illimitable nature that passes on from spouse to spouse. Sita’s world was Rama. Her mind, body and soul were preoccupied with the constant and unwavering thoughts of her spouse. She respected dharma by remaining a dutiful consort and dharma saved all those who adhered to it. That is the universal secret and truth. It is one which renders the wall of protection impregnable.

“Devi!” continued Hanuman, “I had made an unhesitating decision and taken a vow for your sake. Ever since I took it, I had known no sleep whatsoever. I had resolved to build the oceanic bridge to facilitate the liquidation of Ravana. I have fulfilled my promise.”


Hanuman proceeded to assure Sita

“You no longer have to think you are staying in Ravana’s residence. The whole wealth of Lanka is now in the hands of Vibheeshana. It is therefore right for you to think that you are now staying in your own place. Recover your courage and give up all apprehensions. Vibheeshana himself is planning to go over here, with the exalted idea of seeking your darshan, as he is supremely happy.”


Tears of joy

The message of Rama through Hanuman gave Sita a delightful shock. Her face, lustrous like the full moon, brightened further and her joy knew no bounds. Unable to control her tears of joy, she became speechless for a while.

Finding there was no response from Sita, Hanuman asked her what she was thinking about. “Devi, why aren’t you talking to me?”

“Hanuman!” said Sita in a voice choked with emotion and tears rolling down her cheeks, “I am overwhelmed with joy on hearing the most pleasant news of my husband’s victory. Brave Vaanara! For having brought such delightful news, I have been thinking about what reciprocal gesture I should make to you. But the more I think about it the less I find anything appropriate as a present. I can see nothing that is really befitting. There is nothing in all the three worlds, such as gold, silver, precious gem or empire that matches the value of your delightful news. There isn’t a present that is equal to it.”


Wedded to husband’s welfare

Hanuman was happy with her commitment to values. With folded hands, he praised her as a unique wife wedded to husband’s success and welfare, being ever enthusiastic about doing something dear to him. He said that as an irreproachable one, she was only spelling out the loveliest things commensurate with her high thinking. “Your words,” said Hanuman, “have given me the most invaluable present” He felt that the friendly words pregnant with meaning transcended the value of heaps of various gems and of Indra’s empire! That apart, the moment Sri Rama entered a peaceful phase after the death of the enemy, Hanuman had thought he had realized his own ambitions and not excluding a veritable kingdom like Indra’s and everything of value.

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