Sri Rama asks Vibheeshana to bring Sita

Hanuman, known for his great qualities of the head and knowledgeable in purposeful action, offered his prostration to Sri Rama who had excelled the prowess of expert archers. He said to Sri Rama: “Worshipful one! It would now be very fitting for you to meet Sita in distress as it was for her sake the bridge to Lanka was built and the conquest of the enemy became a reality. The moment she heard auspicious news that you won a victory, in deep sorrow as she was at being separated for a long time from you, she expressed a desire to meet you. The feeling that she is a dutiful servant of her consort has loomed large in her mind and with eyes full of tears she desired to meet you, with the words – “Bhartaram drashtumichhami“.

The news from Sita made Rama depressed and sent the repository of dharma Sri Rama to a state of mental tension and preoccupation with conflicting thoughts: “What will the world say if I took her back after a year’s residence of a third party? On the other hand, how is it ever possible to reject Sita being free from reproach. She is a blemishless one.” Sri Rama was worried over these questions. Both constituted two vital questions and an answer had to be found immediately. With sorrowful eyes and head bent and looks fixed on the ground, he said to Vibheeshana who was close to him: “Vibheeshana! Bring Sita here after arranging a holy bath and a smear of scents to her and dressed up elegantly, adorned by the heavenly jewels.”

As Vibheeshana received the command, he took his consorts and went to Ashoka Vana.

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