Sri Rama’s dilemma

Vibheeshana went ahead to meet Sri Rama only to discover he was still in a state of despondency. He for one was very happy that he had brought Sita Devi to Sri Rama, the very purpose for which a huge battle was fought and won! He offered prostration to Sri Rama and announced the arrival of Sita as per his wish.


The moment he came to know from Vibheeshana that Sita who had spent a long period of time in Ashoka Vana of the rakshasa king Ravana, his mind was filled with joy, depression and indignation, all at the same time: joy, because he had regained Sita after the killing of the enemy; depression, because she spent a long time in the enemy camp in misery; indignation because, for all the plethora of problems, Sita (according to him) was responsible. Her responsibility, or blame consisted in desiring the elusive magical animal of golden hue. She had also abused the irreproachable Lakshmana with harsh words. It was Lakshmana’s exit from the ashram that was mainly responsible for Sita’s abduction. That was the cause of Rama’s anger against Sita, according to several commentators of Valmiki’s Ramayana. There was also a further possibility for Rama’s anger being caused by his conclusion that if he accepted Sita in such a messy situation conflicting to the mind, it would be derogatory to his dignity and militate against family reputation!


Rama sends for Sita

“Lord of rakshasas! One devoted to my victory at all times!”, said Rama to Vibheeshana, “Let Vaidehi come here.”

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