Discussion on suspicion

Seated among the brothers with down-cast eyes was Sri Rama sporting only a place face. He said to Lakshmana and others: “Sarve srunuta bhadram vo maa kurudhwam mano-anyathaa, Pouraanaam mama Sitaayaam yaadrishee vartate kathaa.” (U. Ka 45 – 2) “Brothers!” he said, “God bless you! Without diverting your mind and attention on other matters, know... Continue Reading →

The agony

After he came to know about unpleasant and uncharitable words about Sita from Bhadra and others, Sri Rama thought over what he would do and what steps he should take to silence the critics.   He sent for his brothers. Clad in white dress, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna arrived immediately. As they entered Sri Rama’s... Continue Reading →

Cobra of suspicion raises its hood

In the Central Hall of the palace, Rama sat surrounded by several friends known for their humour and talks in lighter vein. Prominent among them were Vijaya, Madhumatta, Kashyapa, Mangala, Kula, Suraaji, Kaaliya, Dantavakra, Sumaadha and Bhadra. They were all delighted with the turn of events leading to Rama adorning the Ayodhya throne and winning... Continue Reading →

Sita’s pregnant desire

Valmiki describes in Uttara Ramayana that one day Sita, adorned with all the jewels and a palatial dress, went to Sri Rama just as Shachi Devi would go to meet her consort Indra. As she was approaching him, Rama noted noticeable features of pregnancy in Sita. He was immensely delighted.   “Devi!” said Rama to... Continue Reading →

Dasharatha extols Sita’s purity

Rama did exactly as he was told; with Lakshmana he offered prostration to Dasharata seated in the Vimaana.   “Raghava!” said Dasharata warmly embracing Rama, “Let me tell you the truth. Neither the heavenly happiness nor the honor conferred by the devatas can make up the distressing gap of separation from you. You have conquered... Continue Reading →

Maheshwara praises Rama

“Etat-srutwaa shubham vaakyam Raaghavenaanubhaashitam, Tataha shubhataram vaakyam vyaajahaara Mahesawaraha (Sar. 119; Sl: 1)   Valmiki records that Maheswara, pleased by what Sri Rama said on the suspicious occasion, spelt out words of divine blessing:   “Pushkaraaksha! Mahaabaahu! Vishaalavaksha! Paramtapa! Great among dharmaatmas!” said Maheswara, “you have achieved the unique task of inflicting death to Ravana... Continue Reading →

Sri Rama accepts Sita

After Sita emerged more effulgent then ever before from the raging fire along with Agni, in accordance with the wishes of all including Brahma and Agni, Sri Rama accepted Sita and won the encomium of all those who had assembled there as it was a very courageous move on his part to allow Sita to... Continue Reading →

Sita above suspicion

Etat-srutwaa Shubham vaakyam Pitaamahasameeritam Ankenaadaaya Vydeheem utpaata vibhaavasuhu (Sar. 118; Sl: 1) Brahma’s words were receptive to all; They were auspicious. The lord of fire, Agnideva was so much pleased that he came out of the fire with Sita on his laps. He pushed some of the pieces of wood and emerging with Sita came... Continue Reading →

Devatas question Sri Rama

According to the lords and protectors of the Universe, Sri Rama appeared to neglect the dangerous and tragic step that Sita took in falling into fire. They felt such neglect and indifference were common traits of ordinary human beings. Naturally, they questioned him about the propriety of remaining silent to act of self-immolation by Sita... Continue Reading →

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