Sadhana – Chapter – 4

Shishya asks, “O Revered One, there are many ways and means to ponder over the Supreme Self and each is considered to be as extraordinary as the next. What should one do?”


Guru replies, “Son, each created being who is the self-luminous akshara with the inherent Aksharam will follow the path or way as per the expansion and intermingling of the self-luminous aksharas that brought his self-luminous akshara into its present compounded state.


That is to say plainly, that every created being will follow the path as inherent in his composition. His disposition is a conglomeration of the various parameters or differentials of the expanded universe created as a result of intermingling and union of the self-luminous aksharas with their respective inherent light, sound and matter when manifested from Aksharam. Hence, it has been said that the universe that you see outside is the same creation that exists within you and its origin is one and the same.


Furthermore, it should be known that as the origin of all is one and the same, to say one path is better than the other also becomes a matter of ambiguity and endless discussions. What is to be known remains unknown as each one would endorse the path that they are attuned to. What would be wiser is to spend time in contemplation and understanding the path as per his inherent composition and steadfastly spend every second on Self-Surrender and Self-Enquiry as the goal of all paths is Aksharam.”

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