Who am I? – Chapter – 11

Shishya offers salutations to Guru, “O All-knowing One! I am speechless. I am in a state of joy just from hearing your words. It is indeed the greatest privilege to hear the innermost secrets of the Supreme Self from You. I am eternally grateful and thankful to You. I beseech You to guide me to completely become immersed and absorbed into the Supreme Self.”


Guru says, “Child, I have explained to you the importance of the self-luminous aksharas, the science of the self-luminous akshara and how the knowledge and understanding of the self-luminous akshara will help a created being to follow his assigned path and duty. A created being should spend considerable time pondering over his existence and the meaning of existence. Is it light? Is it sound? Is it matter? Is existence simple in its structure or is it complex? What makes up existence? What is existence? How and what are the parameters to identify existence?


The answer to all lies in the knowledge of the science of the self-luminous akshara. It is this understanding and knowledge of the science of the self-luminous akshara that has led the Great Rishis, Great Gurus, Masters and Saints and those venerable ones to become absorbed into the Supreme Self.


This has to be known, realized and understood through the various paths, sadhana and anuṣṭhāna prescribed in the Vedas and scriptural authorities. As all of creation and the differentials of nature lies within the “body” or manifested state of the self-luminous akshara, each and every created being will follow various combinations of paths, sadhana and anuṣṭhāna to eventually become steadfast in the assigned path as per the self-luminous akshara in whose form and shape he has been created. This can be revealed only by the self-luminous akshara of the created being as its inherent nature is Aksharam.”

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