Benefit of Giri-Pradakshinam

“Whoever undertakes the Giri-pradakshinam with the mind securely fixed in My dhyana”, says Lord Arunachaleswara, “will get the benefit of My early grace.The dust he himself raises with his feet will serve as an instrument of immortality”. Whoever begins the mountainous pilgrimage will get unexpected help even from the Devatas in various ways. The Devatas and Gandharvas enter Thiruvannamalai with their entourage to witness the pilgrim’s progress. Pilgrims who tread the streets of cities after giri-pradakshinam, according to the Lord, will sanctify them and impart happiness to all.

“Within moments of My giri-pradakshinam”, continues Arunachaleswara, the human attains a super-human body fit enough to take him to higher worlds. He acquires a strong and able body besides a healthy and invincible one”.

In the sannidhi of the Lord, the Devatas, Siddha Purushas and Brahmarshis move around unseen by the humans. These Sages and Celestial beings grant boons to those indulging in giri-pradakshinam depending upon their humility and devotion.

In days of great antiquity, the Devatas who did the pradakshinam everyday attained great forms and powers. The navagraha devatas got planetary lordships in all the lokas (worlds) as a result of their giri-pradakshinam in the past.


The four letter Sanskrit work ‘pra-da-kshina’, is significantly extolled and explained as under:-


               DAkaro vaanchitapradaha

               KSHIkarotksheeyate karma

               NAkaro muktidaayakaha  – (Skanda : 3-9-67)

It means that;

              The letter “PRA” washes one’s sins.

              The letter “DA” fulfils one’s wishes.

              The letter “KSHI” frees one from bondage of Karma.

               The letter “NA” confers the benefit of mukti or salvation.

“The weak and emaciated individuals” says the Lord of Arunachala besides those who are mentally retarded or physically handicapped and undergoing suffering will be able to shed their misery by undertaking My pradakshina”.

Those who go round Arunachala everyday with a sense of devotion will get the benefit of going round all the three worlds in a very short time, according to the Lord.

The dieties presiding over different worlds, the Dikpaalakas and all those associated with the origins of the universe were permanently installed in their positions with portfolios only after their completion of giri-pradakshinam

What is even more significant and surprising is that Lord Arunachaleswara has admitted that He himself undertakes His own pradakshinam with His whole entourage during Uttarayanam! He goes round the celebrated thejo-lingam of Arunachala with the sole object of protecting all the three worlds. Goddess Gowri also undertakes this pilgrimage before embarking on a great bout of thapas for attaining the Feet of Lord.

On the unique day ruled by Krittika Nakshatram, in the lunar month of Karthikam, none other than the great goddess Parvathi undertakes the pradakshinam as a Thapasvini. The thejo-lingam that becomes visible as a result of her prayers and pradakshinam of the lingam will be too difficult and intractable for those who are less fortunate.

Giripradakshinam on Week-days :

Giri-pradakshinam on different days of the seven-day week has different benefits to bring to devotees :-

Sunday :

Whoever makes a giri-pradakshinam on a Sunday will eventually attain the kind of salvation befitting a glorious entry into Shiva loka.

Monday :

The person going around Arunachala on Monday will attain high elevation and will free himself from the shackles of rebirth and fears of death.

Tuesday :

One doing the pradakshinam on a Tuesday will be relieved of all kinds of debts and will enjoy imperial powers.

Wednesday :

As a result of Arunachaleswara’s Grace, the person going round the giri on a Wednesday will become as knowledgeable as a Brihaspati.

Thursday :

All the Devatas offer prostrations to the person making Arunachala pradakshinam on a Thursday by looking upon Him as a Loka-guru.

Friday :

One undertaking a pradakshinam on a Friday will acquire enormous wealth and eventually attain Vishnu loka.

Saturday :

Whoever makes a Arunadri pradakshinam on a Saturday will conquer every one in the world.

The presiding dieties of all Nakshatras, thithis, karanams, yogams, muhurtams, horas, etc., bless the bhaktas undertaking giri-pradakshinam with fulfillment of their desires as per Lord Arunachaleswara’s Will.

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