Bhima’s vow

Bhima’s anger knew no bounds. He openly declared and took a vow to kill Dhrutharashtra’s children to quench the bloody thirst and anger. Duryodhana added fuel to the fire by making highly indecorous and indecent gestures aimed at Pandava’s humiliation. But his awkward demeanor delighted the other members of the “gang of four”, namely Dusshaasana, Karna and Shakuni. They joined him in loud and hysterical fits of laughter.

Addressing the audience, Bhimasena, fuming with fire, made the following declaration:

“I will be Duryodhana’s killer. Arjuna will kill Karna. Sahadeva will dispatch the gambler Shakuni to Yama’s land. I will take revenge against Duryodhana and put an end to his life with my mace. I shall trample upon Dusshaasana, pin him to the ground and cut him to suck his blood.”


Recompense for Draupadi’s distress:

After Sahadeva, Nakula rose and shouted at the top of his voice. “I shall take the toll of many of Dhrutharashtra’s children”, he roared, “and send them to the House of Death for having shamed Draupadi just to please Duryodhana and for inviting death to their door as impending victims of the play of Providence. Now, as enjoined by Dharmaraja, I shall scrupulously follow Draupadi’s path and after returning from the forest, I shall see that this world is purged of Dhrutharashtra’s children.”


Reaction of the Assembly

With folded hands, Yudhishtira took leave of Dhrutharashtra, Bhishma, Drona and all those who were present. He said he would come back and meet them after life in the forest. Nobody said anything to him. But all of them, barring Duryodhana and his followers heartily and silently wished well for the Pandavas.

Vidura spoke for Kunti as he did not want her to accompany the Pandavas like a Draupadi in distress especially as a born princess she had become old and had not known the rigours of forest life. He wanted her to stay in his own house.

“Yudhishtira!” said Vidura, “Draupadi is an expert in the knowledge of all aspects of dharma and a protagonist of dharma herself. All of you love one another. The moment you see the others’s face, you get delighted. No enemy even equal to Indra can conquer you. God bless in your forest life.”

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