Introduction to “Joys of a Jeevanmukta”

(By Iha-Para SowbhagyavatiSesha-nada-rupini Brahmarshi Umadevi Amma, reflecting the Inner Voice of Sadguru Seshadri Swamigal)


In recognition of a Sadhaka’s spiritual efforts, God Himself descends into his saintly life to glorify it during the life-time of such a Sadhaka. He becomes a Jeevanmukta. Jeevanmukti is the crowning success of divinity manifesting in him to make his sublime life more sublime as an instrument of humanitarian service – as a messenger of God.

A Jeevanmukta is not merely joyful within himself, but also radiates joy and happiness. So is the Parabrahman, who in order to fulfil his role as the creator, takes the creative form of Brahma, the protective form of Vishnu and the emancipatory force as Shiva. The Parabrahman takes several incarnations or avathaars and the Avathara-purushas like Shree Rama and Lord Krishna and a host of minor reincarnations like amsa-purushas to bless the jeevas; thereafter, when their ordained mission comes to an end, such purushas reach the Jeevanmukti state, cast of their mortal coil and reach the Parabrahman.

It can be said that the Jeevanmuktas attain the Swarupa of Dakshinamurthy – a personification of knowledge, enlightenment and wisdom. A Jeevanmukta picks up the glorious culture of Dakshinamurthy.

Every individual has the spark and seat of Parabrahman within; that “Light within” is unmanifest in most and manifest in one eligible for the attainment of Jeevanmukti state; the “sakshatkarara” will be the turning point and one stays as a Brahma-jnani till the last days, to merit the appellation of a Jeevanmukta; after the fall of the body, to merit the description of a Videhamukta.

My Blessings to the author of the book.

Sadguru Seshadri Swamigal 

Thiruvannamalai, January 1998.


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