Shortcuts to Divine Grace

Identification of the factor that brings about a flood of knowledge is rendered easy and quick through the grace of Sadgurus like Mahan Sri Seshadri. Knowledge is the causative force leading one to salvation. Alternatively, attainments such as this can be very easily reached by observance of vratams (austerities and disciplines) in Shiva kshetras. Material and spiritual fulfilments are the easiest in Arunachala. Mere remembrance of Arunachala brings about realization of the ultimate in goals; observance of vratams goes so much further that one can absolutely be sure about the full grace of Arunachaleshwara.


Short cuts to Divine Grace:

For the benefit of those who cannot carry on the worship of Shiva throughout the year, short cuts are prescribed and the practice of austerities on at least one prescribed day in a month for twelve months will produce results beyond one’s expectation.

Irrespective of whether one is rich or poor, man or woman, Brahmajnani or otherwise, scholar or ignorant, strong or weak, young or old, theist or atheist, if only one undertakes giripradakshinam in Arunachala or takes a dip in any one of many theerthas (not to forget the Shesha theertha in Sri Seshadri Swamigal Ashram) or feeds those whose mind is fixed in the Brahman, or worships Arunachaleshwara in any way, one gets all the wishes fulfilled. Significant days are mentioned below:

Significant nakshatras in solar months: Vratams observed in the kshetra on the following days ruled by certain nakshatras in each of the solar months will have the effect of such observance on all days of the month.


In the solar month of Mesha (when the sun passes through the zodiacal sign of Mesha or Aries), observance especially giripradakshinam on Krittika nakshatra day is highly productive of results where Mesha is a sign where the sun is exalted and Krittika is a nakshatra ruled by the sun.


In the solar month of Vrishabha (Taurus), worship of Shiva on a day when moon transits Vishaka is equally productive of the results for the pilgrim. The moon will on such a day be either full of approaching (or just  moving away from) fullness.


When the sun passes through Mithuna (Gemini), the day on which moon transits Moola nakshatra will be very significant. Moola is a Prajapati constellation for thapas and the moon will be as much full as during Vrishabha-Vishaka combination.


Indulgence in spiritual pursuit on a Purvashada nakshatra day in the solar month of Kataka (Cancer) will be similarly significant for the sadhaka who will in turn get manifold benefits.


Similarly in the solar month of Simha (Leo), vratam undertaken on Sravana nakshatra day will be note-worthy as a remover of sins. Sravana is Vishnu nakshatra.


The day on which moon enters the nakshatra of Poorvabhadra in the solar month of Kanya (Virgo) will give godspeed to the sadhaka.


Aswini is a Vanaspati nakshatra. When the moon passes through Aswini while the sun passes through the zodiacal sign of Thula (Libra), observance will be productive of unexpected results such as miracle cures of even deadly diseases.


If the sun is in the sign of Vrischika (Scorpio), the ideal day for giripradakshina, indulging in gifts or worship of Shiva is the day on which the moon passes through Krittika nakshatra preferably in Vrishabha which is exaltation sign of moon.


In the solar month of Dhanus (Sagittarius), it will be highly significant and beneficial if one undertakes the above austerities on Aridra nakshatra day. It will be in the vicinity of full moon day, thereby imparting planetary strength to the proceedings.


Special religious pursuits dedicated to Arunachaleshwara on Pushya nakshatra day in the solar month of Makara (Capricorn) will be more efficacious than on other days. The auspicious planetary configuration on Makara-Pushya day is such that both the sun and moon will be in a sign and nakshatra singularly ruled by Saturn (Sani).


Sun and moon will again be in mutual opposition on the Makha nakshatra day in the solar month of Kumbha (Aquarius). It may happen to be a full moon day or nearer one. Makha is also reputed to be Mahanakshatra, an auspicious one for both mundane and spiritual exercises.


Uttara nakshatra day in the solar month of Meena (Pisces) or in the lunar month of Phalguna is highly propitious for worshipping all Gods and Goddesses. Whatever is done in any Shiva kshetra and more so in Arunachala will acquire added dimensional value.

Pilgrims or sadhakas who happen to indulge in special prayers, puja, japa, homa, feeding or giripradakshina on the twelve days ruled by specified nakshatras in the different solar months will find the pace on their progress quickened considerably. The cosmic vibrations will be such that even those who chance to choose any (or all) of the above combinations without knowing the significance thereof will have rewarding experiences. Arunachaleshwara  will be in His elements to bless one and all on the foregoing days.

Nakshatras (stars) constitute the sensory perceptions of God, nakshatram devamindriyam.

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