Regulation of worship

Arunachaleswara wishes that utsavams at the temple are celebrated in a fitting manner at least once a month. The shishyas who process the pujas, according to him, must be well-versed in the Vedas, virtuous, gifted, pure in mind and always radiating a pleasant attitude and exuberance. They should be disciplined and display internal and external purity. They should be quite knowledgeable in Shaiva Agamas. Such people should be absorbed in Arunachaleswara puja so that they carry on as instruments of dissemination of the greatness of Arunachala and the “Mahima”of Shiva puja.

There is an indirect suggestion by Lord Arunachaleswara that if proper shishyas process the pujas, they will have, by virtue of divine grace, such spiritual experience that will prompt them to spread the message of the great sanctity innate in Arunachala.

A proper set-up envisaged by the Lord of the Thejo linga is one which should include musical virtuosos in mridangam, taalam, shankham, veena and flute and Vaidiks proficient in the Four Vedas.

Shivacharyas from the different communities keen on offering sevas (from various authorities, literature and compositions) must be included in the group earmarked for regular worship.

For the benefit of Munis and devotees who want to carry on austerities like fasting and the like by residing in Thiruvannamalai and for the convenience of pilgrims from the four corners of the word, four mutts must be built. The Munis staying in the mutts and functioning like Shaivas and Paasupathas have to look after the pujas. Other devotees of Shiva must protect the system envisaged.


Protector of rulers:

The greatness of Arunachala is such that it protects every ruler of the land born now or later to acquire power to afford protection and confer grace.

Devotees who indulge in secret gifts in this place will bring back manifold returns. Hence everyone claiming to be a devotee must do everything possible to protect the sacred places in Arunachala

“So far as the fervent prayers of my devotees are concerned”, stressed Arunachaleswara, “I shall fulfill them in such a way as to bring them mental peace”.

According to the Lord himself, even a thousand sins will be pardoned and absolved by him provided the prayers are offered with a pure heart. It is only with the idea of cleansing people of their impurities, if any, that pujas as per Agama sastras have been prescribed and the system envisaged is for the protection of the world. He will himself receive the various pujas of all Agamas. Devotees wholehearted sevas and deeds are specially dear to him.

It is Arunachaleswara’s wish that those in authority must go into the meaning of all the Agama rules and arrange various pujas systematically according to convenience and special sevas on the full moon day. It is also his wish that a thousand different yagnas should be performed in the sannidhi of Arunachaleswara linga. It is also the right place for one to give away what one likes for the deserving or the needy.


Akhanda Deepam:

Whoever undertakes to have the Akhanda Deepa seva for Arunachaleswara will eventually attain His glorious “thejomaya” form beyond all shadow of doubt. This assurance from the Lord means that the seva kartas not only get the benefit of an effulgent and thejasic face but also attain liberation and fiery form at the end.

“Thejomayam-idam roopam mama yaanti na-samshyaha”, declares Arunachaleswara.

Even flowers personally plucked by devotees and offered with devotion would be rewarded with blessings of leadership and  rulership. Arunachaleswara will come to their rescue in the conquest of their enemies. Heads off other states – even of foreign nations – offering worship with whatever things that originate in their own state or nation will find their country progressing towards plenty.

“What is more!” Lord Arunachaleswara tells Gautama Rishi, “Those who pay a visit to my sannidhi, even if they are wicked, will undoubtedly become Shiva bhaktas, rise to rulership and acquire wealth”.

Gautama confesses that Parameswara’s words of blessing made him purer and that he offered prostrations to the Lord of the glorious kshetra with delight and great expectations.

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