The importance of Payoshni River, Vaidurya Parvat and Narmada River

Dharmaraja Yudhishtira and his brothers, Lomasha Maharshi and the servants left for the sacrosanct Payoshni River that had been worshipped by the ruler of Vidarbha. The divine ambrosia Somarasa of the yagnas was mixed in its waters. They arrived at the bank of the river and drank its water. They decided to stay here singing praises of the ruler of Vidarbha.


Lomasha Maharshi uvācha, “Yudhishtira! It has been said that Raja Nrig performed a yagna here on the bank of Payoshni River and satisfied Indra, Lord of the Devas through Somarasa. Indra was blissfully content with all the offerings made to him.


It is here that Indra along with the Devathas and Prajapatis propitiated Bhagawan Shree Krishna through different large yagnas with plenitude of gifts and offerings. Raja Gaya, son of Amoortayā commenced seven Ashvamedha yagnas here and satisfied Indra with the offering of Somarasa.


These seven namely cashaalyoopcamassthalipaatrisruk and sruva were used in the yagnas in the ancient times. It is said that these seven were made of gold in the seven yagnas performed by Raja Gaya. There were seven cashaals over each and every one of the seven ritual monuments. Hey Yudhishtira! The shiny gold ritual monuments seen in those yagnas were constructed by Indra and the Devathas themselves. Indra was extremely happy on partaking Somarasa in those yagnas and the Brahmans were also very happy with the gifts they received. It is impossible to estimate the amount of wealth showered on those Brahmans as dakshina.


Maharaja! The amount of wealth gifted to all the participants of those seven yagnas of Raja Gaya is incalculable and compared to trying to count the grains of sand or stars in the sky or streams of rainfall.


The above-mentioned grains of sand perhaps may be counted but it is impossible to estimate the amount of dakshina given by Raja Gaya. He pleased the various Brahmans who had arrived from different directions with offerings of golden cows made by Vishwakarma. Hey Yudhishtira! Perhaps, there was only a small piece of land in the large kingdom of the saintly Raja Gaya that was left where a yagna mandap was not constructed.


Hey Bharata! Raja Gaya attained the heavenly worlds through the potency of those yagnas. One who bathes in this holy Payoshni River will also partake the heavenly worlds that was accorded to Raja Gaya. It means that you along with your brothers bathe in these waters and be liberated from all the sins.”


Vaishampayana uvācha, “O sinless Janamejaya! The eldest of the Pandavas, Raja Yudhishtira along with his brothers bathed in the Payoshni River and left that place with the intention to reach Vaidurya Parvat and the bank of the Narmada River. That radiant king took his brothers to reach their destination promptly. Bhagawan Lomasha Maharshi acquainted them with all the idyllic tirthas and sacred divine places. After that, Raja Yudhishtira gave dāna to thousand Brahmans as per his convenience and pleasure and visited all those places with his brothers.”


Lomasha Maharshi uvācha, “Kuntinandan! One who has darshan of Vaidurya Parvat and descends into the Narmada River will attain the sacred worlds of the Devas and the saintly kings. O Foremost among Kings! This Vaidurya Parvat manifested at the sandhi (conjunction) of the Treta and Dwapura Yuga and a man will be liberated from all his sins by going near this mountain.


Hey Wise One! This place is dazzling because of the yagna conducted by Raja Saryāti where Indra and the Ashwini Kumaras sat and partook SomarasaMahābhāg! It is here that the Mahātapasvi Chyavana, son of Bhrigu got angry with Indra and paralyzed him. It is also here that Chyavana Maharshi made the Ashwini Kumaras participants to receive a share of the Somarasa in yagnas. It is here that Rajkumari Sukanya attained him as her husband.”


[Excerpt: Tirthayatra Parva, Vanaparva, Mahabharat]

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