Draupadi cries before Krishna

There used to be many visitors to Pandavas in the forest. Draupadi and Arjuna once offered long prayers to Krishna. The Lord came to offer words of comfort.

“Krishna!” said Draupadi shedding tears, “you are aware of the shame and distress caused to me in the august assembly the other day. In an inhuman way, they pulled me hither and thither.  The sinful Duryodhana and the rest laughed at me and ridiculed me. The wicked ones wanted to force me to be a slave of the Kaurava clan. Krishna! Am I not a daughter-in-law of Bhishma and Dhrutharashtra? How could a despicable deed be allowed to take place in their presence? Whom should I blame and why? But if I can tell you, in reality these five Pandavas – my spouses – are really worthy of blame. I accuse them singularly. For, when the criminal Dusshaasana was dragging me, lawfully wedded to them and one known for my honour and reputation, they were sitting silently, watching the proceedings! The Pandavas are not those who would let down anyone who sought their helping hand. But they did not choose to come to my rescue. How did they tolerate the situation when Dhrutharashtra’s sons committed a grave and unpardonable crime? What is more amazing is that despite my husband’s great ability, Duryodhana is still very much alive! His sins against the Pandavas are not a few but are legion.  But they are great warriors and I am their consort. How could they swallow the kind of disgrace caused to one in their very presence? The more I think of it more is my grief and I am unable to bear it. Krishna!  How long should I suffer like this? Whatever it is, you have got to protect me! In the first place, I am related to you: I am your aunt’s daughter-in-law. Secondly, you must protect one who is born of fire. Thirdly, you are friendly to me and you are my Lord, God, Master and Guru and I have surrendered totally to you as an unwavering devotee. Great one! I am your dasi! You have got to save me, Keshava!”


The Lord is moved

Krishna was moved by her cries and tears she could not control.

“Righteous one!” assured Krishna with righteous indignation. “Do not grieve. Whoever you are angry with and whoever was responsible for the sins against you, will, in the forthcoming war die and their spouses on seeing their dead bodies drenched in blood will also cry vociferously as you have been crying now. Draupadi! I am fully aware of your mental agony. Stop crying. For the welfare of the Pandavas, I shall dedicate all my powers.”

“Panchali!” continued Krishna, “I assure you that you will be the empress of this land again. Heavens may fall; the immobile Himalayas may split vertically! This world may break to pieces! The water of the ocean may dry up! But my prophecy will not fail.”

Draupadi turned towards Arjuna as if to seek confirmation of Krishna’s prediction.

“Pure-eyed Draupadi!” said Arjuna, “Do not cry. Whatever Madhava has predicted will come to pass.There is no doubt about it, whatsoever.”

The vein of prediction proceeded further.  Dhrishtadyumna also began to pacify Draupadi. “Sister!”, he said, “I am born to get rid of Dronacharya, Shikandi will see Bhishmacharya’s end. Bhima will kill Duryodhana and Arjuna will get the better of Karna. To speak the truth, when we have the support of Krishna and Balarama, even Indra, the Lord of the three worlds, cannot wage a war! When that is the position, whither Dhrutharashtra’s children? But we have to bide our time, Draupadi!”

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