Four causes of distress

That Yudhishtira would recover his lost kingdom (after the forest life) from the Kauravas was also asserted by Markandaya Maharshi.

Sri Krishna sought to assure Yudhishtira that the Pandavas would not have been lured into playing the accursed game of dice if he had been in Dwaravathi. He said he would have personally intervened and dissuaded Dhrutharashtra, Bhishma, Drona, Kripa and others from embarking on a dangerous game. Nala and other kings in the past made the mistake of playing the game of dice and had the mortification of losing their kingdom and everything they had.

“The wretched game,” said Krishna, “will create grave situations that defy intellectual reasoning and powers of mental comprehension. Excessive passion for women, the game of dice, hunting and alcoholic drinks constitute the four causes of distress and misery in life and whoever displays attachments transcending bounds of reason will lose wealth and reputation. Excessive infatuations for all the four will undoubtedly bring about total ruination. Of these four, gambling in the game is the worst as one loses everything in a trice. Unsavoury words of expression and vulgar display of wealth in betting become unpleasant features and a unpalatable phenomenon. If Dhrutharashtra had not listened to my strong advice, I would have killed all including the wicked advisers. My absence has brought about this misfortune to you. Yudhishtira! You are all immersed in sorrow and I felt like meeting you and I am really unhappy with your lot.”

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