Recollections of distress

Vidura felt very unhappy with the circumstances leading to Pandavas’s bad time. But recovering his balance, he led Kunti to his house, with words of wisdom he was known for.


Women’s protest in Kauravas’s camp

The news from the women’s camp in the Kauravas’s palace was also one of great sorrow. They had known about the sacrilegious dragging of Draupadi and the intense physical agony and mental anguish caused to her; the moment they came to know that the Pandavas were banished to the forest, they severely criticized the Kauravas and started weeping. Strangely enough, even the spouses of the Kaurava princes were grief-stricken and sat in down-cast posture, covering their faces, in silent sorrow and protestation. Did the exit of Pandavas bring solace to Dhrutharashtra? No! On the other hand, his anxiety increased! He started worrying about the en-kindling of fire he had himself extinguished a short while ago. He saw the inevitability of danger in store for his children. The first casualty was mental peace. The tragic scenes of the real life drama of Draupadi’s distress and disillusionment and the upper hand of devilry unleashed on her on the royal stage in the presence of all the dignitaries passed one after another in his mind. The unfoldment looked inhuman! His mind quivered against a quagmire of quackdown that succeeded in defaming Draupadi and banishing her to the forest with the Pandavas.

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