The Almighty creator has been pervading the whole gamut of creation called Universe he originated. This Almighty has, in the vast and expansive universe, not only been responsible for the emergence of ever so many types and forms of life, but has also filled the womb of universal origins enjoying his perceptions in the ocean of bliss, floating and swimming in sheer indulgence in the game of creativity, incidentally making his own emergence known. So indeed is the playful performance of the creator sui generis! In the enormous space adorned by the territory of this Universe, he is the shining form of enlightenment and the moving spirit of singular invincibility. By bringing his quintessence of wisdom into the three-fold portfolio of exercise in management, namely of creation, protection and termination and as part of this process of creativity, the creator who manifested himself in countless forms of existence, brought about the human form as an external reflection of his phenomenon, imparting at the same time a keen sense of perception and wisdom to the human being so that the created individual may perceive, in a simple way, the profundity of creation, in order that everyone may know oneself first and then one’s position in the cosmos, the individual creation being attributable to the Creator’s play of ecstasy and enjoyment as the pervader of and performer in the Universe!

By looking at the nature of origins, is it possible to dismiss the description of universal creation in a couple of words? Or, is it possible to contain and condense the whole description into a monograph? It should be said that the origins in reality defy description. Whatever the oral reference to origins and the originator, the nature of the Almighty is such that it transcends oral expression or reduction to precise writing; it is not easy to come to correct conclusions because the spiritually illimitable sovereign called the blissful creator is bereft of a beginning or end besides being immeasurable! Is the truth about origins amenable to the most perfect yardstick of measurement? The answer is an emphatic “No!” as it is one beyond comprehension.

The blissfully illimitable sovereign has been pervading the Universe and has been manifesting itself as a self-effulgent phenomenon, both inside and outside the created field. What is particularly significant about this is that it has filled the human heart as an in-dweller of the inner frame in a state of supreme bliss, as a symbol of perfection, and as a self–satisfied phenomenon par excellence! It is engrossed in the emerging form of fullness and tranquillity like a fully ripened fruit of unparalleled sweetness; it is overflowing in ecstasy revealing an introvert disposition and all the time standing and shining as a monument of self–evident expression.

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