The Inner Light

The Transcendental Principle of self-effulgence and self-manifestation has been glowing at all times without a respite as the Inner Light – antaranga jyoti. The Supreme Creator has conferred, on the human beings only, the benefit of extra-sensory perception so that a person may perceive and know the ramifications of the Supreme Principle. The Creator himself, called the Brahman, has pervaded man’s physical frame as the Atman, appearing as though he is making a clarion call with the inner voice of the in-dweller and appearing to his reason with all affection and grace.


The clarion call

“Wise man!”, the Atman seems to say, “Impelled by abysmal ignorance and meriting the description of the most unfortunate among human beings, you have been putting off timely responsibilities without a compelling cause! Listen to me carefully:- Having created the whole universe and surveyed it, I have created you and given you further a distinctive attribute of knowledge. Having given it, I am sporting a tranquil mind! When you look at the womb of creation, with all its fullness, you can perceive in me the facets of the time-honoured truth of the Vedic proclamation of “Sathya-jnanam- anantam-BrahmaAs you keep on turning your attention towards me, despite obvious difficulties and factors of distance, you can know me as the principle of utmost subtlety as supreme transcendence, both blissful and beyond bliss, as the glory of Paramatman innate in the five subtle sustaining forces of the five-fold elemental structure of the Universe created by me!”

If the Paramatman points his finger towards man and tells him, “Are you now in a position to understand why I created you? What is the extent to which we should know the Paramatman? What is the extent to which we should muster devotion to this cause? Even after so many realities about the inner Atman are placed before us or explained to us, we for our part do not proceed on a spirit of inquiry nor enter into a metaphysical disquisition. What indeed will be the benefit of treading a path of ignorance?

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