From Dvaita to Advaita

The great ones who left their indelible impressions on the spiritual path came to know the quintessence of Advaita from a Dvaitic posture. In other words, they learnt all about monotheism from a position of dualism. And those who experienced the truth behind Advaita have given warm words of wisdom with extraordinary love and affection towards their countrymen, before leaving their mortal coil. Further, there are many more enlightened souls who have sung in praise of the Vedic voice wholeheartedly and who have virtually danced in ecstasy in praise of the Vedic idiom. There are those who are still continuing to do so! And when they do so, they become oblivious to their surroundings. That shows to what extent we should be delighted about all these! Have you seen what kind of a land is ours- a land of  thapas full of saintly people?

These saintly people have filled this land with invaluable things like jnana and bhakti – knowledge and devotion forming two essential things of an inestimable value in a treasury called an oasis of knowledge; a treasury containing spiritual wealth and a granary of gloriously shining grains like pearls and gems. The treasury of divinity built by them is such that the more and more you draw from it from time to time, the more and more inexhaustible it becomes! It is a very beautiful source of everlasting value! It is the reincarnations of Shakti, in the manifestations of Shakti, the Paramahamsas who were ushered into existence by the Paramatman, have given sermons on the mount and preachings on the platform and initiations at individual levels before severing their earthly links. We should feel we are distinctly fortunate when we find that the essence of their teaching is capable of being digested by our youngest generation. How many of these teachers and preachers have been able to pierce the heart of pupils, with a weapon called kindness and awakened them to exposure of metaphysical disquisitions! In other words, how many Sadgurus constantly wedded to the ideals of sathya and dharma- truth and righteousness – have been making clarion calls to their disciples in order to impart instruction?


The cause behind the call

Why are they endeavouring to call people to come and receive instruction? If we examine this question, the inner secret will be obvious. The Sadguru will call each shisya individually and separately and ask him, “My son! Are you keen on having darshan of Parashakti – The Universal Mother?” The shishya will not be subjected to a session of hurried interrogation like: “Dear child! Look here! You must really become mad after the mother, understand?” The good news will be given after due deliberation and display of patience and introspection. The way they take on the shishyas by series of initiations that enlarge their mental horizons is a time-honoured path.

The Mahatmas whose origin is ascribable to the sacred soil of this land have all pursued their distinct individual path, shown the path of truth to the shishyas and driven home the embellishments of truth to a high degree of satisfaction. What the Sadgurus derived from this methodology was one of great liberation called mukti through a blissful state of the self. By following the example of the Sadguru all those on the path of truth and righteousness who enjoyed the sweetness of the right path were able to attain the state of self-effulgence.


Thapas for the transcendental mother

Whoever, calling himself a spiritualist, is able to articulate in an overwhelming way that his inner frame is blissful, he verily becomes a phenomenon of reality and a perfection of truth and fullness. This is the kind of state that prompts him to aspire for a face- to- face darshan of the Mother of Universe – a state he will be ever crying to reach – when in deep devotion, he will be uttering Mother’s name in monosyllables leading to the dissolution of the factor of pride; what remains for him is the relentless pursuit of the cry for the Mother from “pillar to post” as it were! Finally, he falls at Her Lotus Feet to find culmination of his efforts in achieving the true end and aim of life.

He craves for the grace of the Mother.

This effort will go down on record as “thapas” for Mother’s grace – Thapas for the transcendental Mother!

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