Eligibility for Mother’s Grace

Every spiritualist must have the romance of hair-raising experience on the threshold of fulfillment. One such person who becomes a personification of purity singularly gets eligibility to earn Mother’s grace. One whose centre of the soul – antaratma – goes into articulation of the Mother’s name- Amma! – once at least everyday leading to the vivid experience of the Mother’s vision within oneself, only such an accredited one will be capable of reaching the Supreme Mother and stand next to her! A pure soul like that will also become a supreme one freed from bondage!

Whoever thinks of the Mother and instantly finds that one’s innermost warm chamber of the heart melts into a watery medium only to visualize the real Mother’s form within the inner frame and gets immersed in the surfacing image in order to wake up to one’s experience and look back to this land. Such a one will go to the predetermined place of exaltation after fulfilling all those duties and responsibilities assigned for execution on the earthly plane.



Whoever moves about in blissful joy and blissful experience of the Atman at all times without any kind of inhibition and finds oneself climbing the several steps of the spiritual ladder, only such a one will become a “jeevanmukta” (one liberated during life- at any time before the fall of the physical frame or corporeal appendage to the Atman) – a jeevanmukta, who will witness the form of the Universal Mother that brings bliss.

Whoever goes on adding spiritual strength to oneself without a respite, only the cult of such a characteristic one will attain the status of a real jnani – one of supreme knowledge. Jnana implies the knowledge of the self.

It is only for such supreme specimens of superior knowledge that the Mother of the Universe shows her resplendent form and brings the ecstasy of joy besides the bliss of life.

So much can be said about eligibility for getting Mother’s grace.

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