The self-luminous “Sesha!”

All spiritual seekers absolutely need a Guru. There can be no doubt about it. Instead of spoiling one’s life in needless gossip and without arrogating to oneself an air of superiority and immersing oneself in the egoistic expressions of “I”and “Me” to roam about aimlessly, if one succeeds in coming out of the dreams of three-fold delusion, then the mind attains the frame of purity. That is a stage devoid of desires- of the frame that falls one day; there is no contact with the material or commercial world.; and if the mind is capable of filling its vast space with a countless number of worries, what is there that remains to be added? The conclusion that becomes inescapable is that only remaining portion showing a very wide gap to be filled up is the so-called “remainder” called “Sesha”, namely, the self-luminous “Sesha!”

What is it that ‘remains after we give up all worldly pursuits? In other words, what is the “sesha” after we come out of all involvements? The Sesha-swarupa is the one which pervades everything in the world – the Atman and the Brahman. Indeed, it is the Sesha-Seshi transcendental principle. Therefore, if we have examined the basics or fundamentals right from the foundation stage, what is it that we can positively see? If we brush aside with the words “Neti-Neti” – the negative indicators – applied to the non-luminous material side, there is only one thing that “remains”, the golden one that goes to the credit of the grand ‘creator!”. That is the “Sesha!” alone!

The Sesha-vastu is the innate thing of intrinsic value that remains in a mass of material uselessness. The Sesha-vastu is the atma-vastu that one gets with the birth – with every birth.

After the fall of the body, what remains is the Atman; what can be called the Sesha after destruction of the physical frame is nothing but the Atman, indistinguishable from the Brahman. After the dissolution of the universe, the Sesha is the Brahman itself! The Sesha-swarupa is the jyoti-swarupa!

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