Heavenly reactions

Sita’s entry into fire shocked all and there was murmuring of many voices among the Vaanaras and rakshasas, coupled with shrieks of cries. When the virtuous Rama heard their words and sounds of agitation in reaction to Sita’s most tragic action, he also became very sad and tears welled up in his eyes. For a while he sat ruminating over the consequences.

Heavenly reaction

It was not as if the widespread reaction to Sita’s extremely painful step of embracing fire was confined to earthly or terrestrial beings who is witnessed the tragedy. It sent shock waves to all corners of the Universe.

Valmiki describing the heavenly reaction says:


“Tatho Vaishravano raaja Yamashcha pitrubhih saha,

Sahasraaksho Mahendrashcha Vanenascha Jaleshwaraha (Sar. 117; Sl: 2)


Shadardhanayanaha Sreeman Mahaadevo Vrishadwajaha,

Kartaa sarvasya lokasya Brahmaa brahmavidaam varaha (Sar. 117; Sl: 3)


Ethe sarve samaagamya Vimaanaih Suryasamnibhaihi

Aagamya nagareem Lankaam-Abhijagmuscha Raaghavam (Sar. 117; Sl: 4)


Tataha sahataabharanaanpragrihya vipulaanbhujaam,

Abruvamstridashashretaaha Praanjalim Raaghavam sthitham (Sa. 116; Sl: 5)


Sita’s fall into fire in utter disillusionment sent raptures to and ripples in the celestial hierarchy, as could be gauged from Valmiki’s description of immediate reaction to Sita being enveloped by the fiery phenomenon.


Losing no time whatsoever, Kubera, son of Vishwavas and Lord of Yakshas, Yamadharma with the pitrus, the Lord of all the devatas, Indra, the lord of all holy waters Varuna, the three eyes Mahadeva known as Vrishabhadwaja, the foremost among the Brahmavids (Knowers of the Brahman) and the Creator of all the worlds, namely, Brahma himself, chartering their Vimaanas (planes) of solar brilliance, rushed to Lanka and came to scene of tragedy, where Sri Rama was sitting in despondent mood.


The moment Sri Rama saw the arrival of the members of the celestial hierarchy headed by Brahma, Maheshwara and Indra, he stood up and stepped forwards towards them.

Then the devatas raised their long arms decorated with jewels and said to Rama:-

“Kartaa sarvasya lokasya Sreshto jnaanavataam varaha,

Upekshe katham Sitaam Patanteem Havyavaahane?

Katham devaganasreshtam aatmaanam naavabudhyase?”


“Sri Rama!” they said, “You are the creator of the whole universe and great among the jnanis. Being a such one, how can you ever be indifferent to Sita falling into the fire? How is it you have not known that you are Maha Vishnu, the greatest of all the devataas?”

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