The agony

After he came to know about unpleasant and uncharitable words about Sita from Bhadra and others, Sri Rama thought over what he would do and what steps he should take to silence the critics.


He sent for his brothers. Clad in white dress, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna arrived immediately. As they entered Sri Rama’s palace, they found their illustrious brother appearing like the setting sun. Added to this, his eyes were full of water. They saw his face registered no movement like the still lotus without liveliness. Silently, they prostrated before him touching his feet with their head in the process, and stood aside to receive his commands. The symbol of enormous strength, Sri Rama got up from his throne and with tears rolling down his cheeks hugged his brothers before asking them to be seated.


Lakshmana and the others two were wondering what was in store for them from the lips of Rama.


Humility and anxiety were writ large on their face.


Describing their humble facial expression rather exhibiting a low profile, Valmiki says they were:

“….Sarveshaam deenachetasaam” (U. Kan, S: 45; Sl. 1)


There was no ecstasy but only agony at the back of Rama’s mind.


His mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of public image of Sita. The mental pain was excruciating and the confrontation beyond words as Rama knew without a modicum of doubt that Sita was above a suspicion, beyond reproach.

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